NYC Declared Climate Emergency becomes first US City to do

In order to mobilize the local and national response and to act over the raising global warming issues, the NYC declared Climate Emergency. Because of that, NYC (New York City) becomes the first US city to do so.

In fact, NYC is the largest city in terms of population concern and it has around 9 Million inhabitants.

Global Warming Impact NYC NYC declared Climate Emergency

On past Wednesday, the NYC state government has passed the legal legislation against the raising global warming issues. Based on the reports from the trusted sources, the bill passed by the NYC council included several reports of global warming issues.

In addition, the bill also includes the reports pointing the raising temperature. The report includes the data of rising temperature of both the state and the planet, which is too hot.

What Did Lawmakers say?

On referring the legislation bill, “The United States of America has disproportionately contributed to the climate emergency. In addition, it has repeatedly obstructed global efforts to transition toward a green economy. Because of that, it bears an extraordinary responsibility to rapidly address these existential threats,” said by Lawmakers.

What does Legislation Bill say?

The legislation bill passed after NYC Declared Climate Emergency does not include any policy measures to slow climatic change. However, the bill urges the municipalities and other governing authorities to commits and fight against climate changes.

As far as the record concern, around 670 governments from 15 countries of the world so far declared climate emergency. Among those 18 are the US local governments without adding New York City. Meanwhile, cities like San Francisco, Hoboken, and New Jersey are yet declared climate change.

However, though Los Angeles not formally declared climate emergency yet it announced various initiative like Forum’s count to fight against the raising climate change.