Avengers Endgame re-released to beat Avatar box office, Fans frustrated & divided

Avengers Endgame re-released

Last weekend, Marvel had re-released Avengers Endgame worldwide in cinemas. Even though, the movie is yet to complete its run fully, still marvel re-released to provide the final push to its collection. Well, movie critics believed the act of Marvel on Avengers Endgame re-released as to beat the record box office collection of Avatar.

The reason behind Avengers Endgame Re-released

As far as the record, Avatar made a dream run in the box office with the whopping collection of $2.7 billion all over the world. Because of that dream run, avatar successfully placed in the first position on the list of all-time box office collection.

To beat that numbers, Avengers Endgame re-released with few final credits to give a final push of gaining $37 million more. If it manages to collect that above-mentioned amount, Avengers Endgame will top the all-time collection record of Avatar.

Whether Marvel Cheating its Own Fans?

The move taken by the Marvel to re-release Avengers Endgame by adding few end credits and few scenes divides the film fans. Yes! You heard it right. Now the Avengers fans are divided and ended up with the debate of whether it is cheating or not?

Meanwhile, the Avengers Endgame cast Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans wanted the Marvel universal fans to re-watch the movie in theaters. By doing so, the Avengers Endgame box office collection will beat Avatar and tops the list.

Avengers: Endgame’ 4K Blu-ray Set To Frustrate AV Fans

In addition, now Avengers fans get more frustration after hearing the news about the release of Avengers Endgame’s 4K Blu-Ray.  Recently, the marvel released official press release in which 4K Blu-Ray release of Avenger Endgame will be on July 30.

By adding to that, it also mentioned as 4K Blu-Ray Avengers Endgame version will not be in dynamic HDR master. Instead, the movie would be in Dolby Vision or HDR10+. Because of that, people who own 4K Blu-ray players cannot enjoy impressive extra image dynamism.

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