Apple Music now has more than 60 Million Subscribers

Well, if you are an iOS consumer then you might be well aware of the Apple Music. It is the platform where the iOS users can able to avail streaming service. The music and Video streaming platform, Apple Music is one of the apple ecosystem services developed by Apple Inc.

All you need to know about Apple Music

The online-based music and video streaming platform launched by Apple Inc for its customer’s usage from 30th of June 2015. However, the service for initially announced by the developer on June 8, 2015.

Currently, the online-based music and video streaming platform by Apple is active on more than 100 countries. More importantly, it offers quality-streaming service continuously 24 hours. As per the terms set by the developers, every new customer will be able to enjoy the 3-month trial period. Furthermore, users need to subscribe either by monthly or by yearly basis to avail the services offered by the developers.

Subscribers List on Apple Service

Well, the latest news about the Apple Company would be its 60 million subscribers. Eddy Cue the Vice President of the Apple has conveyed this message while giving an interview to French Media Numerama.

Earlier, the online streaming service from Apple has crossed the milestone of reaching more than 10 million subscribers. Meanwhile, until April of this year, the service was around the corner of nearing 50 million.

In addition, as far as the reports suggest, the streaming service has high numbers of listeners than the Spotify in the United States. Well, if you are US citizen then you might well aware than Spotify. Spotify is one of the popular streaming service in the US having than 100 million subscribers all over the world.

Moreover, this year Apple has reduced its price for Indian subscribers and offered free streaming service in American Airlines.