Top 10 Food Trends For 2020 New Year

Top 10 Food Trends For 2020 New Year

Are you a foodie who loves to travel a lot and taste the traditional foods and experience the regional culture? Then the upcoming year would suits you well. As the entire world is moving towards vegan and fresh agricultural foods, there won’t be any surprise on seeing Agricultural and fresh vegan as food trends for 2020 New Year.

2020 New Year Food Sense

Well, experts have predicted that food trends for 2020 new year would concentrate more on health issues rather than simply looking for tastes. In addition, parents might be more cautious about offering healthy foods to their kids.

Also, they have predicted that restaurant kitchens around the globe might look forward to having an open kitchen.  By doing so, it will plan to lubricate the customer’s attention.

For 2020, foodies have predicted as there would be a significant increase in the consumption of regenerative agricultural foods. In addition, there would be growth among people consuming plant-based meat products all over the world.

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Here in this article, we have listed the top 10 mostly predicted foods for the upcoming 2020.

List of Top 10 Food Trends for 2020 New Year  

1. Taste Butters & Spreads

Watermelon seed butter, peanut butter, and spread vegan sweet new creams are all expected to be popular snack choice in this new year. The trick is to spread the new bean and will also try this while either eliminating the rain forest of palm oil. Make yourself at home with a healthy favorite dip and spread recipes.

2. Added Natural Sugar

Sugar has been the target of major nutrients in foods and beverages for many years, and this trend will continue. Well, a sugar derived from monk fruit, pomegranate, coconut, and date may be a new food trend for 2020. In addition, Sugar found in dairy comes packed with protein and fat. Likewise, sugar from fruits and vegetables come with fiber, which slows digestion and provide stable energy without the sugar spike and crash. But added sugar such as sugar cane and corn syrup adds no nutritional value. Natural sources of sugar such as honey or stevia for alternative usage seem to be getting a free pass to the consumer.

3. Alternative Flours

Alternative flour is expected to trend in 2020. The increase in food for more fruit and vegetable flour such as bananas and consumers will also return to using the traditional flour in their recipes, like teff flour used in Ethiopian cuisine. Those looking to improve their bakes will opt for protein-packed flour such as red lentils, chocolate, or nuts. Interesting options such as bananas, cauliflower, tiger nut, and seed flour mixture will help increase the protein and fiber content of your favorite baked goods in the coming year. Those looking to improve their bakes will opt for protein-packed flour-like red lentils, chocolate, or nuts.

4. West African-Inspired Flavors

West African flavor which appears throughout the food and beverage product. The rich and simple dishes with the traditional taste of West Africa will be the best food trend for 2020. Consumers can expect to see more super-foods such as West Africa moringa and tamarind, which are rich antioxidants. Super-foods like the taste of West Africa will continue to appear in the beverage in the coming year. African food is rich and earthy, relying on foods such as beans, tomatoes, lemongrass, and onion as the basis for some of the dishes were quite remarkable. Also, Moringa and tamarind will make its way to the more juice, herbs, and vegetables in a powder-based mixture.

5. The Switch Of Soy-Based Foods

Soy-based products are a good vegetable alternative for anyone with a sensitivity of milk, but some people are allergic. Some alternative items will be subbing out the original replacement for grain or green beans brew potions, while supplements and sauces make their changes.

6. Regenerative Agriculture

This regenerative agriculture trend of other foods including farming that restores biodegraded land, improve biodiversity and increase carbon capture to create long-lasting environmental benefits of grazing. As transparency has emerged as a trend, consumers have expressed interest in learning more about how their food is produced and how production practices affect the environment.

7. Single-Serve Snack Options

Cooking healthfully takes time, so manufacturers offer their packed forecasts, which Whole Foods think will help grab-and-goers do not eat very much. But fresh snacks trend will speed up in 2020. The refrigerated section with fresh snacks are usually prepared and the portion in advance at home- pickled vegetables, soup to drink, a boiled egg topped with savory,  and dippers of all kinds, all serving and convenient single-serve packaging. Healthy snacks such as soup to drink, nutrition bars, and more will make a wise snack easier.

8. Blended Meat And Plant

A consumer seeking a balance between meat and plants in their diet. Blended products feature a combination of ingredients of animal and plant-based will continue to appear in the list of Food Trends for 2020. Taking the traditional beef patty, replace part of it with more environmentally friendly. But, still savory fillers such as mushrooms, and you have a recipe that is a bit healthier and better for the planet. Consumers can also search the plant option made from green beans, pumpkin, avocado, watermelon seed, and chlorella.

9. No-Booze Beverages

Nonalcoholic beer has been around for many years. But its gone class is missing and crafts with a wild variety of counterfeit spirits, seltzers, and beer from the likes HopTea Sparkling Tea for the already very popular Athletic Brewing Company.

Alternatives to alcohol will remain on food trends for 2020. The brand creates a replacement of the classic non-alcoholic cocktails using methods normally reserved for alcohol. Many drinks in this category are trying to recreate a sense of classic cocktails using distillation methods normally reserved for alcohol. Thus, by creating an alternative to liquor intended for use with the mixer rather than drink alone.

10. Eco-Friendly Food Packaging

Do not expect to see a lot of plastic packaging, spoon, straws, wrappers, plates in 2020. Eco-friendly packaging-including a reusable food wrap, cover drinks recycled. In addition, it will encourage to bring your vegetable bags to the grocery store would be a regular.

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