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Junk Foods Reduce Men’s Fertility, Study Finds

Junk Foods Reduce Men’s Fertility
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Are you one of the youngsters who prefer modern junk foods? Then this one is for you.  Poor diet among the youngsters leads ways to a life-changing impact. A new study finds junk foods reduce men’s fertility, the same confirmed by the expert Allan Pacey.

According to the recent study, the younger generation mostly prefers junk foods like pizza, burgers, and chips as their diet. Because of these junk foods, even the young and fit men can have drastically lower sperm counts. Well, the study carried between the men who prefer junk food or processed staples and men who eat fresh foods.

How Junk Foods Reduce Men’s Fertility?

The study finds the body of the men with the western diet, eating junk foods reduces men’s fertility results in lower chemical Inhibin-B. As far as the medical world concern, chemical Inhibin-B plays a major role in producing Sertoli cells/sperm cells.

Junk Foods Reduce Men’s Fertility

Junk Foods Reduce Men’s Fertility

Study reports find; average sperm count level of men with stereotypical western diet amount as 25.6 million sperm per ejaculate. However, the fit men’s average level of sperm count should be over 39 million sperm per ejaculate.

This study indicates, consuming a western diet for a prolonged time will affect fertility permanently. European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) issued a warning and wakeup call for men, by referring it.

Roy Farquharson, president of ESHRE said as “When it comes to men’s health obviously giving up weed, alcohol, and nicotine is essential”. Further, he added, fertility clinic doctors should create awareness about a healthy lifestyle among the men who visit them.

What Fertility Expert Professor Allan Pacey Said?

Fertility expert Professor Allan Pacey quoted, “Youngster’s Poor diet will make permanent changes on their life”.  “Sperm’s lifespan is nearby 3 months, any changes in the lifestyle/diet will impact on sperm production recovery”, added by Pacey.

Well, it seems like an alarm bell ringing for men who prefers western foods for their living.

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