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Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein : New Sex Trafficking From Dozens Of Underage Girls

Billionaire financiers and sex offenders Jeff Epstein arrested in New York on charges of new sex trafficking and taken to federal custody on Saturday. Epstein accused for paying underage girls to massage and persecute them at his home in Florida and New York.

Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein and His Past

Jeffrey Epstein, a former hedge fund manager known for socializing with politicians and members of the royal family. He was first investigated in 2005 after Palm Beach patrol received reports over minors abused sexually at his home there.

66-year-old sex offender Jeffrey Epstein is one of the world’s most powerful fund managers until the 2007 indictment of sex crimes. He accused of luring girls to visit his home in Manhattan and plantations in Palm Beach to have sex. For which he pays them hundreds of dollars each. The alleged incident occurred from 2002 to 2005.

Meanwhile, Palm Beach police tried to arrest Epstein for unlawful sexual activity with minor and obscene harassment in spring 2006. Moreover, the indictment indicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein for charges of sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy.

Why does Alex Acosta still have a job?

Alexander Acosta, US Attorney General for the Southern Florida District and US Secretary of Labor for President Donald Trump. Democrats in the US House faced Acosta about his role in the sex offender Jeffrey  Epstein’s case in April. During, the labor secretary appeared before the DPR subcommittee Allocation regarding routine budget issues.

Among the prosecutors involved in the agreement was Alex Acosta, answering that human trafficking was a very important problem. In addition, he said his office ensure that Epstein faced prison time and had to register as a sex offender.

Acosta’s handling of Epstein’s case preceded his tenure at the Department of Labor. The Department of Justice has opened an investigation into its handling of Epstein’s defence request.

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