Migrant Dad and Daughter Drowned in Rio Grande while crossing US-Mexico Border

A Tragic image captured at the southern border of US-Mexico, reveals how Central American migrants into US via dangerous journey. The migrations of Central American into the US land happening for past several years. However, the tragic image of migrant dad and daughter drowned in Rio Grande trigger the attention of entire world.

Shocking Image of Migrant Dad and Daughter Drowned in Rio Grande

Reports suggest that the migrant dad and daughter drowned in Rio Grande when they tried to cross. The body of Salvadoran father and daughter found at the shallow water of South Texas. In fact, shallow water located just few hundred meters away from the incident happened.

The shocking image 2-year-old girl clinging with her dad’s neck, the young girl found tucked inside her father’s T-shirt. According to the reports, both dad and daughter drowned because of the water current in front of girl’s mother.

This shocking image evokes the memories of a 3-year-old Syrian boy washed at the beach shores in Turkey.

Identity of drowned Dad and Girl in Rio Grande

Well, the officials from the El Salvador country located in the Central America had found identity of the Rio Grande Death. According to their report, Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez along with his daughter drowned in Rio Grande. Furthermore, reports said as both drowned because of the water currents while they tried to slip into the US land.

This incident triggered the attention of officials seriously and found hundreds of migrant children held at border. Following that, Texas officials said as so far, they have found more than 300 children living in horrible inhumane condition.

Words from Martinez’s wife

As the tragic incident happened in front of the girl’s mom, Martinez’s wife reveals the incidents on Sunday. She said as her daughter and her husband crossed Rio Grande successfully on their first attempt.

However, when Martinez has tried to get back for her wife, the 2-year-old girl followed him and fell into the river. Martinez grabbed his daughter but the strong current swept them away.

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