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Is Romina Garcia Dead or Alive? Here Are Interesting Facts about Her

Romina Garcia
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Romina Garcia is not a hotshot celebrity, and most people do not even know about her or her name. Then you must be thinking about why we are mentioning her biography and facts in our blog. Well, also if she is not some internet sensation, she had some fantastic views and ideas that developed lots of perplexity for a couple of years to her fans. People search her online and spend their money and time to understand whether she is just trying to be severe or was severe with her content. Even she was invited in Dr. Phil’s show where it became evident that Romina Garcia is no hype but an attention-seeking strange young lady.

Romina Garcia, when she visited Dr. Phil’s show she showcased her weird talks about domestic violence and her boyfriend. She even became quite famous after appearing on the show where she talked about the outrageous behavior of her boyfriend who according to her, beats her up to express his love. Another bizarre statement which she gave, “if you are black, you are not African.” Such comments and thoughts which she shared with media make evident she was giving her racist undertone and seeking undeserved attention. Her messages created a lot of buzz online and offline media.

Who is Romina Garcia?

This little internet personality born in the year 1996 of June 9th in Nevada (Las Vegas), United States of America. She was born under the zodiac sign Gemini. Currently, her ethnicity is unknown, but her nationality is American. Also, there are no details available about her education, neither early childhood, high school, or college details. Even there is no information about her background. We came to know for sure that she is known for her work in Rumbo Fijo (2015), Stone of Annubis (2007), and Katy Hux. She even picked the screen name Romina Kardashian as she is inspired by the achievements and lifestyle of Kim Kardashian, and Romina resembles herself with her.

Is Romina Garcia Alive or Dead?

In the year 2016 of January 7th, the sad news broke about the death of Romina Garcia. According to the reports, Romina Lil Durk’s side chick was passed away in her hotel room due to an overdose of heroin, which was kind of suspicious. Even The Shade Room also reported that Romina Garcia’s death happened on the same day when a Lil Durk released a video titled “My Beyonce.”

More to the suspicion, Lil Durk was also contacted by one of the escort Jenna Shae about the death of Romina Garcia, but his response was cold, and he had no idea or clue about Romina Garcia’s identity, or he ever knew her. Now, the obvious question that comes in everyone’s mind how Durk does not know Romina Garcia when there is a video of both in the bed together. Now, there are few die-hard fans of Romina Garcia on social media who have this strong belief that her death was just the hoax. She is still alive and might be hiding from her pimps.

Interesting Facts about Romina Garcia

Romina Garcia, whether dead or alive is still the hottest topic of discussion for most of her admirers who still don’t believe that she is gone and that too with a drug overdose. Below, we mentioned some interesting facts about her.

1. Romina Garcia was Labelled a Boyfriend Snatcher

This famous social media personality is known for engaging with another woman’s boyfriend. Otherwise, what would you say about Lil Durk and Romina Garcia in a bed together, while he was already in the relationship with Dej Loaf – rapper? However, for Durk dating two contrasting women at the same time was not his style, though he likes to keep side chicks, but Romina Garcia went way ahead and posted this picture of them together in the bed.

2. Romina Garcia was a Heavy Drinker

It is not news for the fans of Romina Garcia that she was the heavy drinker and she always bragged about her love for Henny and Cuervo on her social media channels. However, her evergreen choice of drink is the combination of Cognac and Tequila. Her friends speculate. Even that she inclined hard drinks is because she used to part with hip-hop and people in whose company she stays likes Hennessy brand. Among her friends and fans, she even claimed that she could finish a lot of tequila and a bottle of Hennessy, and still she will be capable of standing and walking the straight line.

3. People Think she was a Mockery

Some people believe that Romina Garcia was nothing more than the internet or social media troll. Her sole purpose was to mock the lifestyle of celebrities and seek the limelight one way or another. That would reduce all her baseless claims and stupid ideas into little jokes.

4. He Gave Her Online Tribute

After her sudden and sad demise, her fans even put up with the idea of online tribute. Romina pissed off many people, but for some, she was the internet sensation but for a brief time only. Though she has been passed away from a long time internet and her fans still remember her by sharing her videos. Some even claim that she did not die and just hiding away from her pimps.

5. Romina was into Adult Fun

It is also actively recorded that this internet personality was seriously considered her career in the porn industry. She also spent some right amount of time in telling her fans about the mature videos and directing them. She mentioned that this is something which she always wanted to do, but she could not as her mother is available on social media, and she does not want to disrespect her.

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