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Douglas Emhoff

If you are in the search for the usefulness of the blind dates, then you should explore more about the marriage between Kamala Harris who is a notably politician and attorney, also known as the Junior US Senator from California and Douglas Emhoff who is an accomplished strategic advisor and litigator. According to a few sources, it was reported that Douglas met his wife Kamala through one of her friends on a blind date.

Douglas Emhoff is best and popularly known as the spouse of Kamala Harris. As an individual Douglas is a brilliant solicitor and he is known to fight for the oppressed through litigation. His area of specialization is commercial litigation, advertising as well as marketing litigation. Douglas Emhoff usually assists clients who find themselves under David Vs. Goliath situation where Douglas help from David’s perspective. He manages the case either by handling aggressive litigation in the court or taking up the role of a trusted advisor. For over two decades, Douglas Emhoff worked as a lawyer for more than two decades representing clients across varied industries including, technology, character listening, advertising, and hospitality. He is also into production, entertainment, and media.

Here are a few lesser-known facts and details about Douglas Emhoff.

Who is Kamala Harris’ husband or who is Douglas Emhoff?

Unfortunately, there are not many details available about Douglas Emhoff’s background. However, from some confirmed sources, we came to know that he was born in the year 1964 in the state of New York, and he was brought up along his sister – they are two siblings. He is of American nationality, belongs to white ethnicity and practicing Christian. There are no details about the early education of Douglas Emhoff. Though, he graduated from California State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media and Communications in the year 1987.

Three years later Douglas Emhoff received Juris Doctorate Degree in the year 1990 from the University of Southern California (Gould School of Law). In the year 2017 of March, he was called to the bar in Washington. Before moving to Pillsbury Partner Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP, he worked with Bingham McCutchen LLP as an associate from the year 1993 to 1995. He also became the partner in Belin Rawlings and Badal Law Firm in the year 1998. Douglas Emhoff is a very talented and accomplished attorney. In Venable LLP Douglas Emhoff is the MD on the west coast and takes charge of their branches in San Francisco and LA.

Family and Children of Douglas Emhoff

As we know, Douglas Emhoff is a married man with Kamala Harris. His wife Kamala is an accomplished politician and attorney and famously known as the Junior US Senator from California. Kamala’s friend arranged the blind date for her and Douglas where these two met. Immediately after their first date, they started seeing each other. It was less than a year when two met, and Douglas popped the big question in Kamala’s apartment with Diamond and Platinum Ring.

Since Kamala is not a big fan of a long engagement, hence, the couple decided to exchange the vows and tie the knot within six months of their engagement in the year 2014 of April 7th. In the year 2014 of 22nd August Kamala and Douglas exchange their vows in Santa Barbara. The wedding of the Kamala Harris and Douglas Emhoff was strictly a private affair where only family members and close friends were invited. Also, Maya Harris Kamala’s sister was officiated at their wedding arrangements and ceremony.

Keeping the fact in mind that couple met on a blind date and their relationship kick-started after the first date followed by marriage within six months of their engagement – it is clear that both are like-minded people and love each other’s company. It is essential to mention here that age difference between Kamala and Douglas Emhoff is of few days only not even months or years. They both are doing what they love best and living happily with each other.

When it comes to media attention, then Douglas Emhoff always tries to avoid the limelight even though he already has a thriving and successful career. On the other hand, Kamala is continuously in the spotlight specifically for her political career and as Junior Senator. Both are a solicitor, and they can be best described as power couple excelling in their field of interest. It is sad to think and hear when people make negative statements about them on social and public platform. Moreover, at the Senate the way Kamala asks questions and delivers answers, she raves up the inquisitiveness among people about her personal life.

One astonishing fact about Douglas Emhoff’s personal life is Kamala Harris is his second wife. However, the identity and details about her first wife are not available for the public. From some unnamed sources and resources, we came to know that she is the executive producer and co-founder of Prettybird. She also produced movies like The Trust, The Monster, and The Tillman Story. From his first marriage, Douglas Emhoff has two kids named, Ella and Cole. Among both, Cole has already graduated from college while Ella is still in high school. Douglas Emhoff attended his son’s graduation ceremony.

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