How to Download an Embedded Video From Any Website?

How to Download an embedded video from any website
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To upscale a website performance / promote a video at another location, embedded videos are created. You can share these videos with a simple copy & paste of the embedded code but restricted from downloading it. You can create embedded videos on any platform, as it is only a form of a link. However, the procedure to download an embedded video from any website may slightly vary from one website to another.

This article comes up with procedures to download an embedded video from any website. But always remember that you download such videos from a website that is safe and secure.

Best Tools To Download An Embedded Video From Any Website

1. Flash Video Player

  • Install Flash Video Player as your Google Chrome browser extension.
  • Open the website from which you wish to download the embedded video.
  • Click the extension icon and then click on Download.
  • Now the video downloads to your device.

This is a simple procedure to download an embedded video from any website.

2. Savefrom

With this procedure, you can download only embedded videos from YouTube on your PC, iPhone, and Android.

  • Go to the embedded video of your choice and look for the share button.
  • Click the Share button and click on More that directs you to the original YouTube video.
  • Now, change the URL of YouTube Videos by typing ss in the place of www.
  • Check if there is an option called Download Video Browser below the green button.
  • Click on the option, choose the preferred format, and click on the Download button.

3. Clip Converter

This procedure works well on all embedded videos but preferably, YouTube videos since most of the embedded videos are from YouTube.

  • Open the YouTube video you wish to download and click on the Share icon.
  • Click on More to obtain the actual YouTube video link.
  • Copy the URL and open
  • Paste the copied URL in the given box and click on the MP4 button.
  • Click the Continue option and select the media quality required.
  • Click Start and then click on Download. This will download and save the video in your preferred folder.

4. Download Helper

  • Install Download Helper from a trusted website as an extension to your internet browser.
  • Access the website that has the embedded video and play the video.
  • Now, click on the extension icon and download the video to your files.

These are the quickest methods to download an embedded video from any website. For more browser compatibility information, read the complete article.

How To Download An Embedded Video On A Safari Browser (Mac Users)?

Downloading any kind of videos from a Safari browser of the version below 8.0 is possible with these two methods.

1. Safari Browser

  • Before proceeding, check if the Apple PC you use has the latest version of the Safari browser.
  • Navigate to the Window tab and click on Activity.
  • Switch to the website from where you wish to get the videos.
  • Now again view the Activity tab and pick the largest file from the list.
  • Double-click on it and you can see the download commencing automatically.

2. Video Grabber

  • Copy the video URL from any of the websites you wish.
  • Go to the website and paste the video link in the search bar that appears on the page.
  • Click the Download button for the video to start downloading to your Apple PC.
  • When the system prompts a Download launcher, click on it and wait for it to download and install.
  • After installation, the video downloads immediately. Installation is required for the first time when you download videos through this website.
  • You can choose the resolution and format of the video before downloading and within minutes, the video downloads.

This is how you download an embedded video from any website if accessed through the Safari browser.

How to Download An Embedded Video On Android Devices?

You can download embedded videos on your Android device through quite a few applications. Video Download Capture is one such application that provides you two easy and quick ways to download embedded videos to your Android phone.

1. URL Pasting Method – Video Download Capture

  • Install the Video Download Capture app from the Google Play Store on your Android phone.
  • Copy the URL of the video you wish to download and open Video Download Capture.
  • Now, click on the Paste URL button and the app initiates the video download.

2. Video Detecting Method – Video Download Capture

This method makes your job very easy that you need not open any website individually. You can open any website from which you want to download videos, play those videos and the application will download the played videos automatically.

  • Open the Video Download Capture app and click on Detect.
  • The page displays videos randomly or you can search for your favorite ones.
  • Click on the respective video and watch it. The video automatically downloads on to your Android device.

How to Download An Embedded Video On An iPhone?

  • Ensure that your iPhone or iPad is of iOS version 12. If you have not updated, do it and then proceed further.
  • Get the Shortcuts app from iStore.
  • Now, open the video that you intend to download and tap the Share icon.
  • On the bottom row icons, swipe to the left and look until you find the More option.
  • When you find the Shortcuts option, enable the button to the right if disabled.
  • Now again go back to the video app that you were watching, for example, YouTube.
  • Tap the Share icon and you will notice the Shortcuts option is available on the next page.
  • Tap the Shortcuts icon and Download YouTube; your file downloads now.

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You can download any movie from any website or app using the above methods. Make sure that your device supports all the requirements to download an embedded video from any website.

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