How to Get Car Insurance with No License

Car Insurance

You can get car insurance without a license though it is not an easy task. There are different scenarios where car insurance is bought without a driving license. There are instances where it is quite necessary to buy car insurance without a license. Car insurance should include a valid driving license. When you don’t have a license, you will not be able to provide that number and at that point, the insurance company will raise an objection. There are some insurance companies where you can apply for a policy using the license number of a primary driver. Any driver with a license can be your primary driver. The insurance companies determine the insurance rates based on the driving records of the driver and hence the license number is required. It can be the number of the primary driver also. Some insurance companies will mention you as an excluded driver in the policy. In that case, the insurance policy will not be applicable when you drive the car. The insurance company wants to ensure that the person who drives the car holds a valid license. Just because you have car insurance you are not allowed to drive the car. In case you drive the car without a license you will be charged with a penalty for driving without a license. You must be aware of the fact that all insurance companies will not allow you to include a primary driver in the insurance policy. Each insurer will have different terms and conditions and rules pertaining to insured drivers change from state to state. Hence you have to do a lot of shopping around to find the insurance company that will meet your insurance needs.

Where to get car insurance without a license

There are a few insurance companies that are ready to offer insurance coverage to your car without a driver’s license. It is also possible to buy cheap car insurance without a license. In some states, Mexican Identity Cards of drivers will be considered as substitutes for driver’s licenses. Such drivers can get car insurance without a license. If you are physically not fit to drive a car anymore but you have a car of your own and need the service of a professional driver to take you around in the car you can include the driver in the policy if he has a valid driving license.  Whenever you want to purchase cheapest car insurance with no license you can get consultancy services free of charges from the website The local auto insurance agent also will be at your service whenever you require it.

Getting Car Insurance With a Suspended License

In case your license is presently suspended, then also you can get car insurance. However, with a suspended license legally you are not permitted to drive a vehicle. Moreover, when your auto insurer comes to know about the suspension of your license he will cancel your policy or may refuse to renew your policy. With a suspended license you cannot be listed on the insurance policy. The best solution to get auto insurance when your license is suspended is to include another person as the policyholder. That person must be on the car’s title also. If you are keeping the car idle and nobody is driving it, some of the insurers may agree to issue comprehensive insurance for the car. In such cases the owner of the car has to file an ‘affidavit of non-use’ with his state.

How To Buy a Car Without a Driver’s License

You can buy a car without a driving license but there will be limitations. When you do not have a license, you will require a driver with a license to take the car away. When you buy a car from a private seller, you not having the driving license will not be an issue. When you want to register the car you may face problems in case you are without a driving license. Dealerships will require a license to finance the car. Your license will serve as proof of your identity and also it can prove that you can register the car. You cannot drive the car on the road without registering it with the state. Without registering the car with your state you will not get the license plates. You need a driver’s license for registration. The name on the title as well as on the car’s registration should match. Hence you cannot register the car in the name of another person even if you have the title. The best option is to co-title your car with another person who has a valid driving license. This is normally done with the spouse or a close relative who is 100% trusted. If you pay cash for the car, you can mention the name of another person on the title and that person can register the car with your state. However, in such cases, the person whose name is on the title will technically own the car.

Registering a Car With No License

The title of the car, bill of sale, proof of tax payment, driver’s license, and proof of insurance is required to register a car. However, buying a car without a license is not illegal. It is to be remembered that every state has clear laws that mention that nobody is allowed to drive a car without a license or permit. Photo identification and car insurance are compulsory to buy a car and register it with the state. Without a license, you cannot drive a car even if you are the legal owner of the car. Only those who are at least 18 years old can own a car. Without a valid driver’s license, you cannot register, insure, or get the license plate of your care.

Car Insurance
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