Is David Bromstad in a Gay Relationship, or Married and Who is His Partner?

David Bromstad

David Bromstad, America’s top designer, is known for his attractive body physique, handsome looks, smile, and charm. It is no question how many ladies are after him and drooling over his great looks and personality. However, a million-dollar question remains – is David Bromstad gay? Or is he dating someone or married or still single?

Biography of David Bromstad

As mentioned earlier, David Bromstad is an American artist, on-air personality, and designer. In the year 1973 of August 17th he was born as David Reed Bromstad in Minnesota (Cokato), the U.S. to Diane Marlys Bromstad (mother) and Harold David Bromstad (father). He has four siblings and the youngest of all. His siblings are – Dean Richard Bromstad, Dyonne Rachael Bromstad, and Dynelle Renee Bromstad.

David Bromstad is of American nationality and mixed ethnicity. His mother is of German and Swedish heritage, and his father is of Norwegian descent. Zodiac sign of David Bromstad is Leo.

Before attending Ringling College of Art and Design (Sarasota, Florida), David Bromstad attended Wayzata high school. The school is famous for people who end up working for Disney. After graduating from the school, David Bromstad started working for Disney as an illustrator.

Later for HGTV’s Design Star debut season in the year 2006, David Bromstad participated as a contestant. They were looking for a new host for their cable network. He defeated nine other contestants and won the show for the grand prize which includes, an opportunity to host his show on the cable network and a car.

In the following seasons, he also becomes the guest judge.

Just after leaving Disney and before winning the HGTV’s Design Star show he also owned a company named Bromstad Studio, which is known for designing fantasy children’s rooms.

After winning the HGTV’s Design Star show in the year 2007, he made a debut of his TV show Colour Splash.

Currently, he anchors Challenges 7-Island dreams, beach flip, and design star. He is also the host of “My Lottery Dream Home.” All these shows broadcast on the HGTC channel.

If we take a quick look at the physique of David Bromstad, then you will come to know that he works outs often, which is why he is in such great shape. He has the athletic body type, and he maintained it so well. He stands the height of six feet and one inch. David Bromstad weighs about 77 Kg, which compliments his height and lean body type.

David Bromstad’s annual salary is over five hundred thousand dollars from the shows he hosts, and from his TV series, he earns about thirty thousand dollars per episode. Though his current net worth is not known. However, it is rumored that David Bromstad’s net worth is around two million dollars.

Is David Bromstad gay or married – who is his partner?

David Bromstad always kept his personal life under the hood and low key. However, he is known to be gay. In the general public and media, he rarely talks about his personal life and relationships. In one of his interviews at South Florida Gay News, he slightly opened about his own life.

In the same interview, he disclosed his sexual orientation, saying that he is gay. During this interview, which happened in the year 2012, he mentioned that he has been dating his gay boyfriend for the past eight years.

Jefferey Glasko and David Bromstad dated for 11 years from the year 2004 to 2015 before they parted their ways. In many occasions, the couple before started dating saw each other. However, their romance finally clicked when they met during Valentine’s Day single party at Firestone bar (Orlando).

Then after a decade, the couple has a nasty breakup. According to Jeffrey, the reason they broke up is David Bromstad’s drinking and drug problem. Immediately after their split-up Jeffrey filed the lawsuit against David Bromstad, he claimed that David Bromstad left him financially and emotionally devastated. He also mentioned that David was always caught up in the world of sex and drugs. However, in the end, David Bromstad won the case as a judge ruled the decision in favor of David dismissing all charges against him.

After their rough-split up and a lawsuit, David decided to put all these things behind and move on with new motivation. He also posted some of the pictures from his vacation in Miami, where he spent some quality time. On his Instagram channel, he even posted some pictures of him having a gay pride party at Miami beach in the year 2017 of February 9th. These pictures showed perfectly that David Bromstad does not have any remorse for the breakup, and he feels content and happy.

In the year 2015, when David and Jeffrey broke up, there were some rumors about David Bromstad dating again. However, there are no proofs on the same till date. On the public notice or media, no other information regarding David Bromstad’s love life ever surfaced.

This handsome fellow and TV show anchor is not married. David Bromstad is still single and has no kids. He seems to be more focussed on his career.

In real life, David Bromstad is not alone as besides his birth family he is also accompanied by his two pet dogs named, Dozer Bubbas and Miss Lady Godiva Bonbon.

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