Why Car Insurance is mandated?

Car Insurance

There are various reasons behind the compulsion of car insurance as it is very vital in the United States.

Is it compulsory to have car insurance in the United States?

The entire process of car insurance is very complex as well as not suits the pocket of an ordinary person sometimes. But the bitter truth that it is mandatory to have car insurance in the United States. According to the car Insurance Laws of the US, all the laws are established and implemented in the 49 states out of 50 in America. The law entails that a driver must have a car insurance policy that needs to be validated. The only state is the Hampshire where it is not required to have car insurance if you can provide proof that you are enough financial capacity to pay for the damages of your vehicle.

The law has become the law of the land and it is highly required approximately across all the states of the United States.

Why auto insurance is required? Is it related to liability?

The first and the foremost reason behind the cheap auto insurance is the liability as it can be a responsibility for any damage to the vehicle due to some accident. If you already have the collision as well as comprehensive coverage for your car but it is mandatory by some of the states that the driver must have a bodily injury and property damage insurance.

Through the limits of the specific states, these coverage provide financial assistance to the victims as well as family members and the person in case they meet with an accident. As the vehicles have enough potential to cause any sort of bodily and material damage, then it is a must that you should have cheap car insurance to cover all the costs related to the damage and injury.

It is needed to maintain the minimum level of liability insurance in the state to register yourself legally and drive your vehicle in the United States. In the case of leased or financed vehicle, you need to be more cautious and must carry comprehensive as well as collision coverage for your vehicle with low deductions and gap insurance. The reason is that the third party always wants to protect their interest with a high coverage whether it is a dealer or a bank.

Hampshire is the only state where it is not necessary to have car insurance as if the driver gives proper proof that he can manage all the damages in case of an accident. But the individual has some responsibilities related to damage and injury, so the cheap car insurance sounds better.

Before driving your vehicle on the roads of the country, make sure that you have minimum liability coverage as set by the state laws. Car insurance is regulated at the state level and the same can be checked at the DMV department of the state to know more about the coverage which is required mandatory for every driver who drives the vehicle on the roads of the US.

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