10 great benefits of drinking beer

Whenever you picture beer, you must have seen yourself with a big beer belly, isn’t it? Beer is thought of as an unhealthy beverage. Whereas in reality, studies have shown that drinking it in moderation is actually a benefit.

Here are some surprising facts for the ones who had some different perception about beer:

benefits of drinking beer

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1. Beer takes care of the heart

According to various studies, intake of beer in moderation can actually degrade/ prevent the chances of coronary heart disease or heart attack. Beer is known for its antioxidants which help in blood-thinning along with preventing blood clotting and inflammation. One pint a day (dark ales to be specific), can keep heart problems away!

2. Saves you from cancer

Beer is fermented using hops, which are known for a very powerful chemical compound called xanthohumol. This antioxidant helps in fighting against the enzymes that form cancer cells in a body and minimize the danger of cancers such as prostate and breast cancer.

3. Protects you from getting diabetes:

According to various researches and studies, it is believed that a person can be type 2 diabetes-free as well as control the level of sugar in the blood if he/she drinks beer in moderation. The richness of soluble fiber in beer helps in mushrooming insulin sensitivity.

4. Strengthens your bones:

Bones need essential minerals and nutrients for better growth. Beer contains polyphenols, silicon, and vitamin B which are very good for the development and enhancement of bones in a body. A beer drinker can have a good and a higher bone density and lower risk of osteoporosis.

5. Diminishes the risk of kidney stone formation:

The presence of healthy nutrients like potassium and magnesium in beer can lead to the absence of kidney stones in a human body.  It is always suggested to drink more and more water in case you don’t want stones in your kidneys. So, drinking beer for the same reason can also help you as it has 90% water only. In case somebody develops a stone, it is highly recommended to consume beer so that the stone gushes out of the body with minimum pain. The alcohol and water content combined in a beer can easily eliminate calcium, eventually lessening the danger of stone formation.

6. Lowers Blood Pressure:

Beer drinkers have an advantage over the ones who consume wine or other beverages. It is studied that beer helps in maintaining lower blood pressure. So it is best to have a beer or two to get the benefits of it.

7. Improves mental health:

Drinking any beverage reduces the tensions in one’s mind and relaxes his/her body as well. The moment you take a sip of beer, there is an increase in the level of dopamine in the mind, which sooner or later calms it down and you feel at peace. Silicone rich beer is a great source known to fight aluminum, responsible for diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

8. Reduces cholesterol levels:

Your body has 2 types of cholesterol, HDL, and LDL. HDL is considered a good one whereas LDL is categorized as the bad one. Beer is a full package of all the good minerals and nutrients required for a healthy body. Beer is fermented using barley that consists of beta-glucans, which is a rich fiber that helps in decreasing the level of cholesterol in the body.  In addition to this, the beer itself is a cholesterol-free beverage.  This drink keeps HDL at a good level and takes very good care of the other one by keeping it low.

9. Beer and beer belly is a myth

There is always someone in some circle who says that beer gives you a big beer belly or that consumption of beer is directly related to obesity. Well, according to studies, it is nothing like that. There is no such co-relation. Drinking beer in moderation and regularly can actually help to shed some weight, improve your metabolism, prevent your body from gaining fat, and make you healthier.

10. Low in calories, carbohydrates and has zero fat and cholesterol:

Similar to juice and milk, beer is a natural product too. It does not contain any added preservatives. It is just fermented and has natural hops and alcohol in it. On top of it, it has comparatively low-calories in it. If you compare it with skimmed milk, the calorie count would be equal. Besides beer, water, black tea, and simple tea have few calories. People say that the amount of carbohydrates in beer is very high, which is actually a wrong statement. A healthy diet would allow the consumption of at least 300 grams of carbs in case you are intaking 2000 calories in a day. But if you look into the chart of ingredients and their percentage, you will notice that beer has about 1 gram of carbs per ounce serving. In addition to all these benefits, beer is known to have zero fat and cholesterol in it, making it much better than consuming apple that has 3 times the number of carbs in it as compared to a beer pint.

So, if you drink beer moderately, you can actually live a longer and happier life as compared to the ones who do not drink or drink too much.

Just remember that you will only be benefitted from the advantages of beer, if and only if you drink it in moderation, which is the key. Otherwise, it can be harmful. So drink it, enjoy, be relaxed and calm, improve your metabolism, get rid of the toxins in your body, and live a long and prosperous life.

Disclaimer: Ask your consultant if you have any health issues before drinking Beer.