Amazing Benefits of Exercise for Good Health and Happiness

Amazing Benefits of Exercise

Exercise is generally accepted as something we must do to keep ourselves in shape and in good health. Over the years, exercising has been marketed as a strong positive value in life, be it in commercials, TV shows, books, or movies. However, despite its popularity, not everyone knows the complete advantages it provides you.

Most people think that the end result of proper exercise is a healthy physique, and if you’re lucky enough, rock-hard abs. While that line of thinking is true to a certain extent, exercising does more than building the muscles of your body. Indeed, exercising effectively and harmlessly is probably one of the most important things, and getting the professional help of a certified personal trainer or joining a commercial gym is a good way to make sure that you meet your personal fitness goals. In this article, we will share some lesser-known benefits that exercising can give to you if done correctly.

Exercising Leads To Happier Thoughts

The human body works double time when we exercise. As we go through physical activity, our muscle movement burns through calories and stored fat to help us lose weight and shape up selected muscle groups. While the rest of our body is feeling the increased core temperature, our brain is also working its own magic to help us feel better.

When we exercise, our brain starts to produce various hormones to make us feel happier and calmer. The brain undergoes a series of chemical changes because of the changes in the blood flow, which in turn leads to the creation of new neural pathways. This results in the production of several hormones that help produce positive feelings, directing the brain to focus on thoughts that evoke happiness and peace.

Exercise Can Reduce Pain

Another example of the hormones produced by the brain during physical activity is endorphins. Endorphins are known as natural painkillers, they help alleviate pain by inducing a certain kind of high to the person’s mental state. This reaction is what makes people feel a combination of being at ease, satisfied, and calm after a work-out session. Additionally, endorphins can significantly lower a person’s level of discomfort, to the point that he or she doesn’t even feel if a body part is aching or not.

This attribute is exhibited when people are still able to move their bodies as they normally would even after going through an intense gym session. Be wary, though, as the pain that was set aside during this time will shoot right up once the hormones settle down. Lastly, endorphins have also been shown to boost one’s self-esteem, allowing people to appreciate their efforts better after working-out and ultimately feel better about themselves.

Exercise Can Help Improve Your Mood

Exercise is also helpful in improving a person’s mood, which explains why people diagnosed with mood disorders are asked to regularly exercise as part of their treatment. Another hormone produced by the body during exercise is dopamine, which is originally found in the system already, but increases in quantity the more physical activity is done by the body. Dopamine plays a large role in controlling people’s mood, as well as how they are able to concentrate and control their muscles for movement. High quantities of dopamine in a person’s system will surely increase the person’s level of concentration, to the extent that he or she will be able to find extra motivation in things that normally do not interest him/her.

Exercising Can Improve Your Sex Life

When exercise is done regularly, the blood circulation is constantly rebooted which leads to more stable blood flow. Consistent blood flow means your muscles will feel easier to move, you will feel lighter and more flexible, and as an added effect your physical endurance will greatly increase. All these physical improvements will strongly improve one’s sexual performance, in both giving and attaining pleasure. In fact, studies have shown that women who exercise regularly experience orgasm longer and more often than those who do not, while men who are physically active displayed a stronger sex drive and better function over those who lived rather lazy lifestyles.

Exercise also makes the brain produce more testosterone, which is important for improved metabolism, muscle growth, and libido, among others. A certain level of libido is necessary for a person’s system to regulate a desire for sexual activity, and exercising is a quick fix if ever that becomes an issue. Keeping a high testosterone level is also more desirable, as low levels can lead to obesity, passiveness, and ultimately, depression.

Exercise Makes Your Mental State More Stable

Exercise will also get the brain to produce serotonin, a hormone that serves as the body’s natural happy medicine. Serotonin can make you feel calmer and induce a sense of stability into your thoughts, while also assisting in the normalization of your sleep and eating behaviors.

Happy hormones like serotonin also help keep stress away, as the production of these chemicals directly negates the creation of stress-causing chemicals such as adrenaline and cortisol. These stress-inducing hormones can lead to severe mental disorders if left undetected and untreated.

Regular physical activity is important in living a healthy and long life, both physically and mentally. If you need assistance in starting out your road to fitness, feel free to drop by at Rec XPress, where they have several trainers who can help set you up with an exercise program that fits your goals.

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