2020 Democratic Presidential Debate

Democratic Presidential Debate of 2020 Campaign Kicked off

The much-expected first democratic presidential debate of 2020 campaign held at Miami with the presence of 10 candidates. Candidates trying to outstand each other, because of the debate room underwent…

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Migrant Dad and Daughter Drowned in Rio Grande

Migrant Dad and Daughter Drowned in Rio Grande while crossing US-Mexico Border

A Tragic image captured at the southern border of US-Mexico, reveals how Central American migrants into the US via a dangerous journey. The migrations of Central American into the US…

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FedEx sues the US Department of Commerce

FedEx sues the US Department of Commerce for misrouting Huawei packages

The world-famous courier service FedEx is suing the US Department of Commerce through court filling. In that court filing, FedEx claimed as the United States Department of Commerce’s temporary act…

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Tehran Can Shoot More US Spy Drones – Iran Officials

There is no word to describe the tense situation prevailing between the US and Iran in recent times. Because of the US unarmed aircraft shoot out held a few days…

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'You'll soon find out' Whether Will US strike Iran - Trump

What Happens? If U.S Strikes Iran!

For the past few weeks, tension in-between Iran and the United States is at a high level. Both nations continuously blaming each other and U.S imposed a strong ban against…

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Learn to Self Heal by Christina Richter has become the Strategy of Well being for every people across the Globe.

Christina Richter is a Health Care Professional, Author, Registered Nurse, and Medical Astrologer. She was born and educated in Wellington New Zealand. Her Nursing training and Medical Astrology was achieved…

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Ride With Harley series by Cassandra Parker is creating buzz among young readers.

Cassandra Parker is an author. She resides in the USA. She has published the Ride With Harley series and numerous short stories to date. Cassandra loves clean and wholesome romantic…

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Lana Campbell – The author of the Forever and a Night vampire romance series. With her books on Christian, paranormal romance/psychological thrillers.

Lana Campbell is the author of the Forever and a Night vampire romance series. All of her books are psychological thrillers. They each have a Christian element, a feel-good message…

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‘LED ASTRAY’ a crime thriller novel by Karlianna Voncil making headlines these days.

Karlianna Voncil published her debut novel, Led Astray: A Crime Thriller, the first of her Avia Chronicles series in November 2018. She is a native of the Texas Panhandle and…

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A Travellers Guide to Montserrat Dialect: Montserrat English

Sharmen Greenaway wrote and published Perfect Travellers Guide to a Caribbean treasure.

Sharmen Greenaway is a Health Care Professional, best selling Author, Poet, Songwriter, and Entrepreneur Editor. She was born, raised educated and groomed in the British Dependent Territory of Montserrat. Sharmen…

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