How To Use Split Screen Function in Microsoft Excel?

Split Screen function in Microsoft Excel

The split-screen function in Microsoft Excel allows you to compare data on the same work sheet. You can split a worksheet into two or four panes depending on the data you would like to analyze. The details of the complete worksheet are visible on each pane that you split.

Also, you can highlight the sections to compare on the individual panes. It is possible with both horizontal and vertical ways to use the split-screen function in Microsoft Excel. This will help streamline your task sheets easily. Let us see how to use this function now.

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How Does The Split Screen Function Work?

Using the split-screen function in Microsoft Excel is a simple process. You only have to follow a few steps to learn and do it successfully.

  • Click on the Windows Start button and open Microsoft Excel.
  • To open the MS-Excel tool, either type Excel in the Windows search bar or search it from All Programs.
  • Go to the File menu and choose Open in the Excel sheet that you have opened.
  • Double-click on the file that contains data for comparison and you require the Split screen function to be enabled.
  • After the file is opened and the data is loaded completely, click on the View tab and look for the Split
  • The next step is to split the worksheet into four panes. To do this, select the A1 cell at first.
  • Now get back to the View tab and click on the Split option again.
  • With this, your worksheet splits into four panes which are changeable in positions. You can easily select and move the pointer of any split-screen column and alter their position. This will ensure a better presentation of worksheets during comparison.

Horizontal Split Screen in Ms. Excel

If you require only two copies of your worksheet, then you can split the screen horizontally. Follow these quick steps to split the excel worksheet into two:

  • Leaving A1, select a cell in any row in the column A.
  • Go to the View tab and click on Split. Now the split-screen appears above the tab that you have selected for the split.
  • The horizontal split screen process is complete now.

Vertical Split Screen in Ms. Excel

  • Leave the column A and select a cell from any column in row 1. Your worksheet is now split vertically.
  • You need not use the Split option under the View tab here. When you click split-screen for the first time, it happens only vertically.

How to Turn Off the Split Screen Function in Microsoft Excel?

  • Once you finish comparisons and other tasks using the Split Screen function in Microsoft Excel, first save your changes.
  • Go to the View tab and click on the Split This will turn off the option.
  • You can also make it disappear by dragging the cell column pointer towards the end of the sheet.

How To Split Screen in Microsoft Excel 2003?

Latest versions of Microsoft Excel from 2010 have the split option to easily split screens accordingly. But earlier versions have different ways of doing it.

  • Open the Microsoft Excel 2003 file that contains data.
  • Make sure that your sheet contains enough rows and columns filled with data.
  • From whichever column you wish to select, click the entire column and select it.
  • Go to the Window menu available next to Data and click on the Split
  • This is for splitting the worksheet vertically.

To use the split-screen in Ms Excel 2003 horizontally, follow these quick steps:

  • Select the row that you wish to split the screen from. Identify the horizontal bar at the right end of the sheet.
  • Now, click on the arrow that appears on the bar and the horizontal split-screen happens automatically.
  • To remove the split-screen, you can simply click on the pointer line that splits the screen.
  • Otherwise, go to the Window menu and choose the Remove Split option to turn it off.

Due to changing versions of the Windows operating system, you might find the Split Screen option available under the different menu. But the implementing method of Ms. Excel screen can be spat and remains the same. Please note that MS Excel versions do not change as per Windows OS version upgrade.

Bottom Line

I hope this blog was informative and you learned a piece of knowledge out of it. Microsoft Excel comes with immense formulas and options for usage. It supports not only streamlining your processes but also your business flow to the extreme.  Software packages/tools are meant to be applied and tested that lead to effective learning to imply businesses positively.

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