Where to Celebrate 2020 New Year In India?

Top 8 Places To Celebrate 2020 New Year in India

It seems like we are at the start of 2019 but in the blink of the eye, we had gone through the whole year. We are on the verge of this year-end and it will be better to start planning on how to gear-up for welcoming 2020 New Year In India.

There are no words to describe how much fun you can get on celebrating the New Year along with your friends and family members. In a developing countries like India, you can find a multitude of options on celebrating 2020 New Year starting from private parties to vibrate public parties.

2020 New Year Celebrations In India

Are you interested in celebrating this 2020 New Year in a different way? Consider exploring India during the last month of the year. The Indian sub-continent has pretty exciting and beautiful places to explore and have fun.

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Here in this article, we have listed the top most 8-holiday destination where you can celebrate the upcoming 2020 New Year.

Top  8 Places To Celebrate 2020 New Year in India

1. Goa

Goa is one of the places where the parties never stop. New Year Parties in Goa is that time for the young generation to enjoys the moment of crazy and wild partying. With festivals happening within the last few days of the year to raging and gibbering, enjoy the pleasant season at Goa New Year 2020. The celebration of New Year’s party is also the best place to bask in the warmth of the sun. The Sunburn festival is one of the most famous New Year carnivals which is filled with an interesting crowd, booze with seafood. Therefore, head to goa for an in-home party, beach open-air party, discos, and New Year Eve cruise in this new year 2020.

2. Shimla

With large crowds, laughing, singing, and festivity, this place into a fairyland at the time of New Year’s Eve. Shimla is another best affordable place for all kind of tourists for a crazy and unapologetic experience. As the New Year 2020 is all set to come in, the beautiful town is all set for the unending party. You can enjoy the ridges and crowd to celebrate the new year 2020. Visiting the church, walk down the street mall, and enjoy the view of snow drizzles sitting by a fire. There are lots of cool ways to make the New Year’s party in 2020.

3. Gokarna

Kudle beach, Om beach, Paradise, and Half Moon there could not be a better way to start the new year 2020. Also, Gokarna is a place where you enjoy the new brews visited the beach to be part of the celebration and enjoy the dance pubs. Points including temple-town rural, scenic river, the Arabian Sea coast, rocky hills of the Western Ghats, the incorporation of a culture of peace, and much more.

4. Kasol

How about spending the day in the laps of pure nature. Kasol is just like a heaven for hipster styled New Year celebration. The scenic beauty and the party scene this hill-station make it among the best places to visit during the town’s new year. Also, this city is for those who like late-night party music. Hippie style Tosh parties, private parties in the mountains or trekking routes are New Year’s special events. You can wander around the villages, take part in the festivities and enjoy it. You can also enjoy adventure activities particularlyly to lighten the mood.

5. Mumbai

Every city has its different style of celebration for the new year. Here in Bollywood city, midnight parties, music are seen with people having beers and cold drinks in their hands. Many incredible options are coming your way: New Year 2020 parties with a bonfire and live music at a farm, at a camp, or next to a lake. In addition, the city offers lots of exciting events in the New Year. Bollywood celebs also go to attend this event as a guest or as a common people.

If you’re not like that festivity and loud music? You can also be part of new year events far away from the city, DJs, and fireworks. You might find your favorite local comedians or find a gig to groove to. Additionally, there’s a lot of heritage walks, cycling rides, food experiences, and more.

6. Auli

Auli is a famous hill-station and also known as Switzerland of India because of its glorious ski resorts and vistas. It’s the best place for adventure and nature lovers. Moreover, this beautiful resort with the surrounding oak and pine trees is a perfect destination for New Year Eve. Getaway from the hustle and bustle of cities and lose yourself in the Winterland of Auli. Now pack your gears and head out to go on this and New Year 2020.

7. Jaipur

Known in the world for its royal fascination, This Pink City celebrates the New Year in a very grand style. If you are looking for a royal way to enjoy the celebration, Every hotel and lounge in the city will throw classic parties and new year celebrations. Therefore, undoubtedly Jaipur makes one of the finest destinations for New Year 2020.

Additionally Chokhi Dhani another famous place that offers the authentic New Year Celebration in Jaipur. Starting from the traditional elements, dancing fireworks, scrumptious food, and custom performances, you can try every element of the culture.

8. Kerala

If you are wondering where to head for New Year 2020, it is suggested that you must visit Kerala for New Year 2020 Celebrations. Also, Kerala is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world for New Year Celebrations. Nevertheless, Kerala offers a chance to celebrate New Year in the sunny outdoors in hill stations, beaches, and backwaters.

Book yourself in a luxury houseboat and as the clock strikes midnight, find yourself surrounded by the hum of the water with only the sounds of nature for company. New Year has a good climate for houseboat trips in Kerala, bird watching, fishing, and canoeing.

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