List of Lily Collins Boyfriends and Ex-Lovers – Who she dated so far?

Lily Collins

You must have come across this beautiful lady onscreen who appeared in movies like Stuck in Love and Les Misérable’s favorite movies. Yes! You guessed right we are talking about Lily Collins. You all must have already known much about Lily like her career, childhood, and personal life. Hence, in this new blog, we decided to focus our writing on Lily Collins’s love interest and who she dated so far. Till the date of our last secondary research, we came across industry leaders, men of good reputation who over the years have built a remarkable career.

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Nevertheless, their impeccable status they all have one common denominator – a familiar ex-Lily Collins. So, let’s find out here who these men are? The below-mentioned paragraph will shed some light on these men and cover those men as well who are still under her charm.

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First, let’s refresh our memory with a quick brief on who is Lily Collins and her accomplishments. Lily Collins as we all know is a British-American writer, model, and actress who is known for big projects like, BBC series “Growing pains” which was her first role at the age of two. When she was in her teens, she wrote a column “NY Confidential” for the British magazine Elle Girl. Later in the year 2008, one of Spain’s Glamorous Magazine picked her as an International model. In her acting career, she has done movies and TV series where she portrayed the character of – Fantine in Les Misérables (2018), Edith Tolkien in Tolkien (2018), Samantha Borgens in Stuck in Love (2012) and many other recognizable roles. She also won awards including, in 2017 she won Lacoste Spotlight Award from the Costume Designers Guild, in 2016 she won New Hollywood Award from the Hollywood Film Awards.

The List of Lily Collins Ex-Lovers and Boyfriends – Who Has Lily Collins Dated

Taylor Lautner

Lily started dating Taylor while they were shooting for a movie together “Abduction.” However, it is said that their relationship initiated in the year 2010 of November when the two were spotted together in a football game and then for lunch. However, in less than one year they both parted their ways which were September of 2011 and never talked about their relationship again.

Riley Harper

In the movie Priest, Riley played the role of a stuntman, and it is recorded that both Riley and Lily dated each other. In the same movie, Lily played the character of Lucy Pace. The two started dating when they met in the set of Priest movie and immediately began dating. Again, their relationship lasted for about a year from August 2009 to September 2010, and they broke up.

Chord Overstreet

Another celebrity who is worth mentioning in the list of Lily Collins boyfriends is Chord Overstreet. They both spotted together all cozy at some birthday celebration and fans of both these celebrities started suspecting they might date each other. However, it was only a rumor.

Zac Efron

Zac Effron is another name that is suspected to be in Lily’s list of boyfriends, however many of Zac’s fans will not like this, and this relationship of Lily and Zac was more of a rumor than a reality. However, few speculations were made after seeing them together multiple times. Hence it was worth mentioning him here in this blog.

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In the year 2012 of February, Lily Collins and Zac Effron were seen together, and they seemed too close in an informal birthday party which they both were attending. They immediately caught an eye of Paparazzi; they continued seeing each other and spotted together many times. However, it does not go for long, and they broke up in May. Again, they were seen together at a movie.

Thomas Cocquerel

It was confirmed that both Thomas and Lily were in a relationship and the news comes out when reports authoritatively mentioned that Lily is dating some Australian actor. It was also said that a familiar friend introduced both and then things went fine from there. This happened after February 2014, the same year in September things gone South and another man entered the picture.

Jamie Campbell Bower

When Campbell dated Lily for the first time, little, we know they both come together after breaking up with each other twice. Between July 2012 and October of 2015, both were deeply into each other; things went wrong in between, and again they came together in late of 2017. However, when they make-up again in December of 2017 there was no news of them breaking-up, so we assume that they are together since then.

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Between the times, Lily and Jamie both have intermittent breakups and rumors speculated that meanwhile, Lily dated Matt Easton and Thomas as well.

Chris Evans

Captain America and heart-throbbing superhero Chris Evans also reportedly was in a relationship with Lily Collins when the two met at Vanity Fair Oscars party in the year 2015 of February 22nd. However, after a month in March of the same year, news came that both actors parted their ways.

Matt Easton

Matt Easton was a rumored boyfriend of Lily Collins, one of the publications mentioned this rumor, and their relationship was reported once and died there. There were no speculations and news about two dating each other. Matt Easton is a professional photographer who is also blessed with good looks, and we are sure that many girls must have fallen for him, but Lily Collins was not one of them.

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So, people this is all about Lily Collins love life, who she is dating, and how many ex-lovers or boyfriends Lily Collins had in the past. All details are mentioned here, and as soon as we get some more updates about Lily Collins’s love life, we will update here.

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