Hanne “Kim” Norgaard Biography – Divorce, Husband, Kids, and other Facts

If you know Idris Elba and like his macho personality, then you must also hear the name of Hanne Norgaard in association with Idris. Well, if you do know her, then she is the ex-wife of well-known Hollywood actor Idris Elba. She is a businesswoman and famous makeup artist who is known for the – “Make up your Mind to make Up Beauty” leads.

Biography of Hanne “Kim” Norgaard

Hanne is also fondly called as “Kim” among her closed knit friends and relatives. She has no available details on her family background and early life. On the internet, you would not find her birth date. From accumulated sources online it is assumed that she is of mixed ethnicity – Asian and Black background. However, there are no official details available on the same as well. Hence it is a speculation. On the other hand, Kim is fluent in three unspecified languages and lived in five different countries.

She became famous and came in the limelight for her marriage with Idris Elba. It is reported that Hanne Kim Norgaard was living in the United Kingdom when crossed path with this Hollywood actor Idris Elba. At that time, Idris was struggling as an actor and was in search of work in Hollywood. In one of the interviews, Kim said that Idris is one of the talented actors. They are following that she also understood deep down that pursuing your biggest dream also wants you to make some significant sacrifices. In the year 1999, Kim and Idris got married, and later they moved to the city of New York. When moved to NYC both Kim and Idris gave a shot to their career and tried to get the work of their interest. – Where Kim was aggressively pushing her career as a makeup artist and Idris was pursuing his acting career. Fortunately, after some hardships, Idris started getting the projects and Kim also did make up assignments for print, fashion, movies/TV, stage performances, and series media platforms.

In the year 2003, they welcomed their first child, a daughter named Isan and that is when things went south, and the couple got divorced after a year their daughter’s birth.

After the divorce, her career life took a slow pace, and she experienced the hardships. Then in the year 2008, she came up with an initiative called “Make up your Mind to Make up.” This initiative was the most significant contributor to career success. She gradually started escalating in her makeup artist career and worked with big names in both the music and film industry. She also has done many particular ventures and provided makeup services to renowned Columbia Tri-Star as per professional profile in MySpace. Even she launched her TV show on the BBC channel. She also worked with top fashion brands including, Sean Combs, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and many others. She even worked with all sorts of celebrities including sports stars like NFL.

As mentioned above she launched Makeup your Mind to Makeup in the year 2008 where she and her team of expert makeup professionals provided services of makeup and beauty assistance. In Atlanta, Kim also organizes the makeup classes. Her business also assists women to arrange the Holiday Makeup Parties/Events while stepping up their gorgeous holiday appearance.

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Currently, she is living in Georgia (Atlanta). Kim also made several appearances publicly with the cast and crew of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Hanne Kim Norgaard’s Divorce, Husband and Kids

Hanne Kim Norgaard was married to Idris Elba in 1999 for five years when they took a divorce in the year 2003. She always tight-lipped and maintained her calm about her divorce in public platforms. Though she mentioned once that she is at peace and thankful that things turned out nicely. With time it is seen that her personality is more of a private and astute person. She does not like to share any details publicly about her divorce, marriage, or kids. However, Idris Elba is one of the interviews mentioned that Kim was not able to adjust well in New York life. In other words, we can speculate that his ambitious tore their relationship apart.

Together these two talented people have a daughter named Isan Elba. It was reported when Isan celebrated her last birthday the couple was happy and both of them marked their presence on her birthday celebration at Park Tavern, Piedmont Park, Atlanta. Idris Elba also has a son from his ex-girlfriend Naiyana Garth, Isan’s half-brother. Isan is always interested in pursuing her career in acting just like her father. However, recently she decided to switch her career choice, and now she is more into writing and photography.

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Kim was remarried in the year 2013, almost ten years of her split with Idris Elba. Then in 2013, she walked the aisle again with Pastor Andrew L. Friar, II. Before their friends and family, the couple was married by Reverend Dr. James Wade. With a yacht cruise, the couple completes their celebration giving it a romantic touch. When the couple celebrated their first anniversary, Kim mentioned publicly that Andrew is a special gift sent by God for her. With so much joy and glow, she put her faith in God who gave her, “confidence, patience and understanding” and she met Andrew.

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The second husband of Kim (Andrew L. Friar, II) is an Associate Minister of the Berean Christian Church and great-grandson of COGIC founders, which is the governing body of the Pentecostal denomination. Currently, the couple also manages the Heart Strong Ministries.

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