Hair Trends and Hair Styles to Look Out in New Year 2020

Each year we are inspired by a brand new set of hair trends. In the past few years, we saw a lot of nice patterns from pixie cut to slender bobs, pastel pink to cool brown. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the upcoming New Year 2020 Hair Trends and Hair Styles which going to excite all the fashionists.

In 2019, curtain ribs, collarbone bobs and living-in ponytails have already been applied to beauty inspiration. In addition, Retro hair is coming back, bobs are shorter, and shoes have been overhauled.

New Year’s Hair Trends and Hair Styles

It is time for us to hop into our fashion and into the future with the New Year 2020 just around the corner, to see what the year is to come–and it will be exhilarating. If the focus was on natural texture and fuss-free hairstyles last year, 2020 Hair Trends and Hair Styles will be everything and some. In a New Year, it calls for new beginnings of all sorts and is the ideal time for new beauty trends to take us straight to the living room.

Eventually, a drastic or subtle change could be made, but the 2020 hair-cutting patterns cover both bases. Before going to the salon, keep scrolling for all the haircut inspiration you need.

List of Top 10 Hair Trends and Hair Styles in 2020

1. Red Hair

2020 Hair Trends and Hair Styles - Red Hair

Red Hair

Redheads, it’s time for you to shine. This year, copper tones are going to make a statement, so let those auburn locks flow. Would you like to copy the trend? Take a copper shampoo to make reds even more luxurious, give a peachy-loving color to blondes, and bring depth to brunette hair.

2. Pintura Highlights


This Pintura is a technique of coloring used for curly, textured hair. During the process, in a way that adds dimension and accentuates curls, colorists hand-painted the curls without foils. The technique brings light to the face just like balayage, but it varies because it is tailor-made for each client–that’s because it takes into account curls ‘ tightness and form.’

3. Defined Curls

2020 Hair Trends and Hair Styles - Defined Curls

Defined Curls

If your hair is curly of course, you’re lucky; determined curls will be huge-both in size and popularity. Invest in a diffuser if you haven’t already, to ensure you get perfectly balanced curls

Work with natural hair texture and not get too short if you have curly hair. Keep your face shape in mind with straight hair when choosing the style you like. Choose products with sparing styling, because they can weigh down bangs and make them look greasy.

4. Colour Contrasting

2020 Hair Trends and Hair Styles - Colour Contrasting

Colour Contrasting

When it comes to trendy hair styles, if you hold your ear to the ground, you may have seen some pretty strong variations of shades, including chunky, face-framing streaks. Frédéric is a big fan of the mounting presence of contrasting colors.  The hair was all one color, but then it came from nowhere all of a sudden, orange piece. It was just so sweet.

5. Tough Accessories

Tough Accessories

Tough Accessories

Last year, from pearlized hair clips and velvet scrunchies to rhinestone-encrusted headbands, there was a mass-market fascination with adding sparkle and sophistication to the hair, but the trend is set to become simple and rustic, even a bit tough.

6. Twisted Balayage

2020 Hair Trends and Hair Styles - Twisted Balayage

Twisted Balayage

We saw a series of balayage developments in 2019, including 3D printing, balayage modeling, and even negative hair in space. The hairstylist says, in terms of color, that brunets will step away from the harsh blonde in favor of richer, warmer shades, but not your standard brown chocolate brunette. “Think of cinnamon tones, hazelnut and even tobacco-esque colors.

7. Triple Buns

Triple Buns

Triple Buns

This triple threat bun is an excellent choice for those with short to medium hair who are struggling to secure every layer in a single top knot. The stragglers are thus secured in a bun of their own at the neck’s nape. We love how this masterpiece was produced by Hermiz Daniel mixing fashion with our love of hair clips.

8.  Oversized Braids

Oversized Braids

Oversized Braids

Hairstyles have been kept simple on the catwalks this season-with plenty of side holes, similar waves, and small ponies. But the casual ‘ do is ideal for the colder months at the Simone Rocha show exaggerated braids took center stage, attached to a black velvet belt.

9. Long, Light Layers

2020 Hair Trends and Hair Styles - Long, Light Layers

Long, Light Layers

Haircut patterns for long hair always seem to revolve around layers, and this year they also play off the look of the 90s (think of supermodel’s hair in the 90s). What’s the difference? While the layers are bulky and blunt, it is now about lighter, more flexible layers. Layering around the head also puts emphasis. Hold your jawline in the shortest face frames and ask for textured, airy layers in order to create a looser look.

10. Blunt Jawline Bob

2020 Hair Trends and Hair Styles - Blunt Jawline Bob

Blunt Jawline Bob

If you have not been convinced to pull all your hair in 2018, breathe a sigh of relief because the cut will still strong in the list of 2020 Hair Trends and Hair Styles. The Bob variety this year is direct and reaches the jawline, but you’re going to achieve an A-line effect if tucked in behind your ear. It is great also if you want your hair to appear full because it looks as dense as possible.

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Bottom Line

There is no better way than get a new haircut to say bye last year. Even when you are completely pleased with your current cut the clock strikes on New Year’s Eve like an alarm goes off your head. All of a sudden, you need to switch up your hair with the latest Hair Trends and Hair Styles.

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