Complete The Canada Formalities; To Travel Canada Without Any Snag

TAs a matter of fact, the government of Canada allows many people to come and visit this beautiful country. But you have to fulfill the Canada Formalities to get permission to enter the land. Without completing these formalities, you cannot come to Canada. These formalities are basically the requirements to get into a country legally. And these formalities are made for the security of the country.

The Eta- A Document To Enter Canada:

Everyone is aware of the visa and immigration policies of his country. These policies are for the safety and security of the country to make sure that no criminal is entering the country. Though many people consider these formalities as afflictions these are for our safety. The Canadian Government started a new screening system to ensure that every individual who is entering Canada has a valid legal document. The document is called the Electronic Travelling Authorization that allows the holder of the document to visit Canada without any problem. This document is basically for the people who come from visa-exempt countries.

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The Eta is a visa directly linked to your passport. Whenever you come to Canada from a country where a visa is not necessary to enter Canada, then you must have Eta. The process of getting an Eta is simple and straightforward. Due to the internet facility, you can get an Eta even at the last minute when you are at the airport.  So first fulfill the Canada Formalities first and then get you Eta.

Getting An Eta:

As we have discussed that getting an Eta is not that much difficult. It is an online process so you can apply for an Eta anywhere. You do not need to visit the office to get the electronic traveling authorization document. Here is the process of applying for an Eta:

  • Visit The Website:

To apply for electronic traveling authorization, you need to visit the official website of eta Canada. You will find the details and process of applying for the Eta.

  • Fill The Application:

On the website of eta Canada, you will get an application form to apply for the Eta. You have to provide complete personal and passport information on the application form.

  • Processing Of The Application:

After you have filled the application form, review it again. Make the corrections in case you have written any wrong information. Then read the terms and conditions provided below the application form. When you submit your application, the authorities will start processing your application.

  • Processing Fee:

As a matter of fact, you have to pay a fee for submitting your application form. The fee is $ 7 CAD.

  • Get Your Eta:

Once you have submitted the application and deposited the fee, you will get your Eta soon. If the information is correct, then you will get your Eta within 72 hours. Otherwise, you will not be able to get electronic traveling authorization.

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Thus it is a document that allows you to enter and stay in Canada without any trouble. As if you have fulfilled all the formalities then no one would bother you during your stay in Canada.

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