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6 Essential Sustainable Travel Tips for Students


Are you planning to travel anytime soon? Then, it would be best if you went through these sustainable travel tips before leaving. Being a traveler, you have a more significant role to play in environmental protection. Just by altering the way you travel can result in a much greener world.

Why is sustainable tourism important?

Before we dive into the trips, you should know about sustainable traveling. You can experience the world, the countries, and cultures while positively impacting them during the entire exploring process. It is a win-win situation as you are helping in preserving nature while enjoying it to the fullest. It is what we call a win-win! It is getting quality essays written through CustomEssayOrder.

Consider Your Traveling Method

Start your green travel journey by making smart decisions about the traveling method. Though planes are the fastest mode of travel, they leave large carbon footprints. It is because planes use too much fuel to take off. You can travel by bus or train when traveling for shorter distances, as they are the energy-efficient options. However, if you are traveling internationally, then flying with an airline that is investing in biofuels is a good option. You should also avoid the first class. The seats take up huge spaces, and because of this, fewer people travel with the same amount of fuel as the economy class. Also, make sure to book a non-stop flight. It will help in reducing carbon emissions.

Consider Your Impact

After deciding on the traveling mode, reflect on the impact that you are going to make on the environment. There are ways to reduce it, as sustainable travel is all about mindfulness. You can start by hand washing your clothes. It will save the hotel’s water and detergent. Host country’s that face regular droughts can benefit from this. Next, you can hang your clothes to dry as opposed to using dryers. You can consider using the dryer if there is one full load of clothes available. Try bringing your own toiletries, such as shampoo, soap, and conditioner. Keeping in view the water shortage situation, you should take shorter showers to save water. When leaving the room, switch off all the lights, TV, and air conditioners. Always pack a metal straw, spoon, fork, and a knife. Using reusable utensils, you will not use plastic utensils that take hundreds of years to break down.

Choose a Sustainable Travel Provider

When choosing a travel agency or a travel provider, you should always look for the ones who:

  • Promote sustainable practices
  • Hire the staff locally
  • Invest in sustainability projects
  • Partner with non-profit organizations to help the environment
  • Are transparent in showing their impact on the environment

Take the Bus or Train Wherever Possible

As discussed before, always travel by bus when traveling for shorter distances. It is because this mode of transport has the least amount of carbon footprint. An alternative to the bus can be a train. They are better options than flying and risking the environment. Also, it is kind of fun traveling by bus when you are in a new country. You get to see different cultures that otherwise you cannot if traveling through a plane.

Research and Be Respectful of the Local Culture

Yes, this is also one of the sustainable tips that you must remember. During your traveling journey, do not try to impose your culture on the host country. Try to dress modestly, as it is said, “when in Rome, do as Romans do.” Keep in view all the norms, cultures, and beliefs of the country and then plan out your stay and activities. If you want to know more about the cultures and people of a country you want to travel to, get an essay written by ResumeThatWorks today!

Do Eco-Friendly Activities

As discussed before, we must be mindful of the impact that we will have on the environment. Engaging in eco-friendly activities will help you in minimizing those negative impacts. First and foremost, bring your own water bottle. Do not rush to shops and get multiple plastic bottles that will end up in the ocean. Always cut the ring off the plastic bottle that you use. There are increasing incidents of rings being stuck around turtles’ necks. It can easily choke them. Do not leave leftover food on the beach or the tourist spots. How would you feel if you visit a beautiful lake and find plates that have rotten food in them? So, always clean up when you are about to leave the place. It is one of the travel tips for students that makes a difference. It would be best if you also took a reusable bag with you. Suppose you plan on staying for a couple of weeks in an Airbnb house. Then you must be buying groceries. Always take your reusable bag to bring them home. In this way, you will not be using any of the plastic bags that the shop hands you out.

Support local vendors

It is one of the most important tips for students who are shopaholic. If you are planning to buy gifts for your entire family, then you must do the shopping from the local shops. First, you can find brands everywhere; the gift will not make much of a difference. Buy a souvenir that holds some meaning for you. In this way, you will be investing your dollars in something meaningful and helping the local vendors. These local vendors rely on the income that comes from selling the locally made souvenirs. Not only are they handmade but also sourced through sustainable practices. The same goes for eating out. Whenever you are exploring another country, do try their street food. It will not only give you an idea about the authentic taste of that country, but you will also be helping small businesses.

Respect wildlife

Wherever you go, always respect wildlife. Sustainable tips are not just about saving trees and beaches. It is also about animal rights. Please do not go near them or feed them or annoy them in any way. Today, many animal species have become extinct, and many are endangered. We should be mindful of not ruining their habitat that we call our tourism spots.


You can bring a positive change just by implementing these sustainable travel tips. Remember, it is not just the job of environmentalists or activists to care about nature. You should play your part too. So, before packing your bags, do read all these tips once more, and plan your activities accordingly.

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