Cpanel Price Hike and Its Impact On Web Hosting Industry

Cpanel Price Hike
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cPanel one of the prominent features in the web hosting community has shaken the entire web hosting industry with the announcement of its price hike. According to the recent announcement from cPanel, they have changed their pricing model based on a per-server per account basis.

Also, in their announcement, it is clearly mentioned as they hiked the prices to nearly 1000%. So if you are a cPanel partner and who pays $ 11 per cPanel license for each server and keeps the software to manage 1,000 sites, Now you have to pay $ 122.

What is a Cpanel (Control Panel)?

cPanel is the most popular control panel in the world. The control panel on your hosting account is the key to a smooth, easy experience, and cPanel has become almost an industry standard. In addition to being easy to use, it makes moving from one host to another much easier.

cPanel popularity means you have a lot of options that go beyond the control panel of your choice. So you have to look for hosting that provides good speed server and stability, resource allocation, and customer support.

What happened?

Web hosting control panel which is most popular in the world recently announced price increases large and unexpected. This cPanel Price Hike affects all providers including possible cPanel web host you today. This price increase is being met with a large number of counter-attacks. A client used to cPanel and can’t move to some other hosting control panel. We will have to make an additional price.

CPanel Price Hike – What does this mean for your hosting company?

Web hosting companies are now charged per account (per cPanel user and not per domain) they host per server instead they run. This will likely cause the competitors hosting prices rose sharply, although it may seem like a minor change, the cost for the smallest host will increase more than 100% per month.

What’s Going On?

In early 2019 cPanel purchased by a group of venture capitalists named Oakley Capital. The company has a portfolio of businesses that already consists of several web hosting companies and Plesk control panel. The purchases from their cPanel have effectively taken full control of the web hosting control panel market.

What is new Pricing look like?

In the past cPanel always used a simple pricing structure for flat rates for VPS license and a flat rate for Dedicated Server license. This applies a flat rate regardless of the number of accounts hosted on the server.

A hosting provider is a partner of cPanel, which roughly means they have their servers while you rent server space from your host; New prices will look like this.

This price includes cloud and metal accounts, namely VPS and dedicated servers

  • cPanel account first Premier 100 $ 32
  • 900 additional accounts for $ 0.10 each

With the new cPanel price hike, it has moved away from annual licenses for account-based payment per month. They also have added a 3 tier system:

  • Admin cPanel which includes up to 5 accounts $ 20 / month
  • The cPanel Pro which includes up to 30 accounts is $ 30 / month
  • cPanel Premier which includes up to 100 accounts with anything over 100 is considered as a bulk account the price per account attached. $ 45 / month
  • Similarly,cPanel Premier Bulk $ 0.20 per additional account. Each Premier account automatically switches to the bulk account once the number reached 101.
  • Admin account for 5 $ 12.50 / month
  • Pro to 30 accounts: $ 17.50 / month.
  • Premier To 100 accounts: $ 32 / month.
  • Premier Mass after 100 donate $ 0.10 for each additional account

CPanel Price Hike – Major Impact On Web Hosting Industries

Hosting business, however large or small, will certainly feel the effects of the latest cPanel Price Hike. Meanwhile, this great price willingness cPanel causes a huge price increase in shared hosting and also in the segment of different where cpanel being used. For starters, there’s a lot of hosts that offer cPanel hosting. With the price of the new cPanel, it is expected to cheap hosting plans to completely missing – or become far more expensive than they are today.

Many smaller hosting companies, it will be a test on flexibility. With cPanel become much more expensive, it will be up to the small players to find a solution that will make them competitive in the business. The increasing cost of running an online business can make it difficult for small business users or additional charges may affect the overall profit margin. The public showed a lot of aggression and largely negative with most of them threaten to switch to an alternative control panel.

Best Alternatives For cPanel?

If you are not happy with the proposed price increase, Here you will get help in finding an alternative comparable control panel or cPanel.

Although there are many free and paid web hosting control panel, cPanel has been king. This solution is cheaper than cPanel and may allow it to maintain prices at a competitive level. Plesk is another control panel that could stand a bit of cPanel. cPanel and Plesk, both are owned by the same company called Oakley.

Best cPanel Alternatives

Best cPanel Alternatives

Apart from Plesk, below you will also find a list of some of the paid and free cPanel control panel alternatives. These cPanel alternatives listed here the right to do so. With the help of simple design and quick-loading integrated and efficient code, this alternative provides an identical experience. Which you can use to run your hosting business or host your site. Here are the best alternatives to cPanel

  • DirectAdmin
  • Interworx
  • ISPConfig
  • Webuzo
  • VestaCP

You can join the partner program as they have made the process becomes very easy and Partners has also lowered the requirements to become a partner if you include the county develops.


CPanel steps to massively increase the price of the license has been criticized by web hosting industry, worldwide. T’s step is seen as nothing but greedy. Because of this action, many web hosting providers have started to decline cPanel from their pool. Meanwhile, the heated reaction has got the cPanel team to rethink the price.

And of course, it was time for a competitor of cPanel to strike gold in this situation. But cPanel quickly notices the fact that the price increase will do more damage than benefit. Therefore, they have come up with a revised price for a cPanel license.

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