Why is Tungsten Gaining Popularity?

Tungsten Gaining

There’s more to life than gold and silver, and people are starting to take that statement to heart by expanding their options for high-quality jewelry. Tungsten is a tough mineral that’s an excellent material for long-lasting jewelry. Even the minerals given name tells the tale. It comes from the Swedish term, tung sten, which translates to “heavy stone.”

Tungsten is Stronger than Steel

The mineral that’s growing in popularity is relatively new compared to how long people have been working with gold, silver, and steel. However, its young age isn’t as important as its strength. People have been working with the metal for over 350 years, but scientists didn’t isolate it until 1783.

Tungsten carbide is the most common variation of the compound, and, yes, it’s stronger than steel. To be more specific, the mineral is five times harder than steel and four times stronger than titanium. As if that wasn’t enough, it also beats 18-karat gold.

Tungsten Gaining


A Metal That’s Hard to Scratch

Another reason tungsten is gaining popularity is that it’s scratch-resistant. A reason why some men and women can’t wear their wedding ring at work is that gold and silver scratch easily. If you’re sticking your hand in car engines daily, your standard ring might not look so great after a few years.

When you purchase a tungsten ring, chances are it’s going to look as good in a decade as it does the first day you put it on. There’s a great appeal for a ring that costs much less than 18-karat gold that can shine perfectly for years without a scratch for men and women.

If you’ve never seen or used tungsten, you may be curious about how people know it’s strong and will last nearly forever. Outside of the obvious testing, it’s other uses tell the compound’s compelling story. Industrial benefits for tungsten include,

  • Saw blades
  • Drill bits
  • Military-grade bullets and missiles
  • Heating elements for furnaces, spacecraft applications, and welders supplies
  • Lightbulb filaments
  • X-ray filaments

Additionally, when it’s melted at 932 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s a useful dry lubricant. This fact is also another testament to the strength of the compound. Even with temperatures of over 1,000 degrees won’t ruin the metal. However, scientists have determined you can destroy it with a 6,191 degrees Fahrenheit fire.

Tungsten is Hypoallergenic

Many men and women can’t wear gold or silver because of allergies to the metal. Despite tungsten’s strength, it causes less allergic reactions than other precious metals. If you experience a rash from gold or silver, tungsten might be the perfect answer to your problem. Additionally, when you add wood or similar inlay, you can further reduce the chances of developing an allergic reaction to the metal.

A Ring that Shines Forever

Gold, silver, and steel look great at first but require a lot of care to keep that beautiful sheen. People spend time and money cleaning and shining their jewelry either by hand or through a jeweler. With a tungsten ring, you can put it on and forget about it. It will keep that shine for decades, looking as good on your 50th wedding anniversary as it does the day you purchase it.

Use Tungsten to Create Jewelry that Stands Apart

Let’s be honest, gold and silver look great, but there’s not much you can do with them to make them stand apart. Tungsten may be a strong metal that’s hard to destroy, but it’s not impossible to mold into different styles.

If you’re not happy with the standard gray color, the options for plating and inlays are nearly endless. Common options include,

  • Deer antler
  • Pear wood
  • Chestnut wood
  • Pearl shell
  • Black apricot wood
  • African padauk wood
  • Zebra wood
  • Koa wood

They’re also available in different styles, such as beveled edges or a doomed or flat surface.

Tungsten is More Affordable

Even if times aren’t tough, gold and silver wedding bands can cost several hundred dollars or more. That’s a pretty large chunk of change to drop on jewelry that won’t last forever and needs regular polishing to continue to look good. Tungsten provides the best of both worlds. It looks great, lasts forever, and is easier on your wallet.

We offer a large selection of tungsten rings. Check out the different styles and inlays to meet your comfort and affordability level today.

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