Trending Elements To Decorate Hallway In Your Home

Hallways are often a forgotten space of home when it comes to the decor and design of the house. Usually, hallways are used for practical purposes rather than adding eye appeal to them.

Your hallway must be as welcoming as the other rooms of your home. Make your hallway walk memorable by decorating it in a unique way.

Here is the list of a few trending elements to decorate the hallway of your home.

Focus on the lighting in hallway

One of the best ways to make hallways look trendy is to use beautiful lights in the space. There are different styles of lighting available in the market that you can use to update the look of your hallway.

Walking in a well-lit hallway will make your guests feel special as it helps create a welcoming interior. Some light ideas are as follow:

  • Pendant ceiling light
  • Sconces
  • Multiple minimalistic ceiling lights
  • String lights with lanterns or filament bulbs
  • Track lights and more.

You can opt for any of these lights and can decorate the space like a pro.

Designer floating shelves or book shelves

You can use the hallway wall space to store your things or to display your decoratives. How?

The answer is by installing floating shelves on the walls of the hallway. Some various designs and shapes come in floating shelves that you can choose to decorate the walls of your hallway.

For example, you can opt for rectangular-shaped shelves or can choose circular-sized shelves for your home. The best part is that you can place small planters on these shelves to bring greenery in your home.

In addition to plants, these shelves also serve the purpose of storing or displaying your favorite readings.

Don’t forget the floor

Usually, patterned floors look very good. Ceramic tiles with geometric or Moroccan Prints are mesmerizing. However, suppose you can’t change the floor, place wall-to-wall cushioned carpet, or throw a  long rug to create a trending hallway. You will need to understand that the floor detailing is an essential aspect of the hallway.

A runner or rug can brighten up the look of the hallway in no time. Further, rugs add a sense of coziness to the space. Again rugs are available in various designs and styles that you can choose to update your hallway floor.

Seating arrangement in hallway

If your hallway is big, install an open bench made of any material to create a seating area. Make it tidy, and the seating area of the bar can be made up in tapestry style.

Make full use of the space and place wired shoe bins under near the seating so that you can comfortably change your shoe. Seating will not only offer a space to sit but will also work as a great decor element in the hallway.

For a big hallway one can go for a long bench against the wall,for a small hallway go for a single bench,stool,chair etc. Creating a sitting area in the hallway adds a beautiful focal point to the walkway as compared to empty walls.

Go for trending wall arts

Decorate Hallway

If you are looking for a budget-friendly way to decorate the hallway, then wall art for hallway decoration is a great option. You can go for a large wall art piece to cover the large blank wall in the hallway or can choose small canvas prints to create a gallery wall.

There are various trending wall arts that you can buy for your hallways. You can also take ideas from here to choose wall art or canvas prints for hallway decoration.

Space it up with mirror

Adding a mirror to any space of home creates a picture of a layered area. And, there is no better place to add stylish mirrors than the hallway.

Mirrors brighten up the space by reflecting the light and can make the hallway look spacious as well. A mirror with a shelf or long mirror adds a runaway experience to everyone who walks in the hallway of your home.

There are various shapes for decorative mirrors that you can choose for your hallway.

Removable Wallpapers

Removable wallpapers with attractive colors and patterns on your hallway wall will be a game-changer. They look very fancy, and within seconds change the vibe of your place.

You can remove it whenever you feel like removing it.

They are readily available online and offline. You can hang your guitar or framed photos of your family and your favorite quotes. You can hang tapestry art or a macramé. Personalize the wall with your interests.

Dreamy Curtains

Curtains on the entry exit doors or walls make the interiors look complete. But subtle color curtains with a very fancy rod. Hang the curtains from the top till the ground length. If you have windows, light pergola curtains which let natural light in will look gorgeous too.

Plants can never go wrong

If you have room for placing a pot near the entrance or exit, it will look very refreshing.

Place a pot on your furniture or the floor. Ceramic or golden pots with pretty indoor plants will look good. You can also bottle up some creepers and keep them on your piece of furniture.

Finally, you can hang small plant pots on the wall on an old painted furniture piece to save space. Plants can never go wrong, and they always bring positivity with them.

Hang wooden hooks

Get creative and fashionable with the hooks to hang your coats, hats,umbrella, scarves, handbags to decorate the hallway.

These hooks give a solid frame look to the wall by adding geometric,rustic,antique,branch shaped hooks to the wall.

Final Words

You can do so much with your hallway by just keeping the space and area of your hallway in mind. You can use your home furniture, wall art, floating shelves, and many other elements to give your hallway a new and welcoming feel.