How to make your Mac more productive?

Mac users know how remarkable the machine is when it comes to professional and personal work. These machines are designed for brilliant output and immense support to work for hours without any hassle. The seamless operational features make Mac the most popular machine for professionals. 

Being a generic or professional user, how can you make your Mac day more productive and useful? Let us take a quick look at the few tips from experienced users to escalate your productivity.

Tips to make your Mac more productive

  1. Spotlight

Busy Mac users do not have time to find files, folders, applications, etc. So what is the best and easiest way to find anything stored on your Mac? Use Spotlight, the default application that allows you to find even an important email of a saved image on your Mac very fast. 

Using Spotlight is one of the best ways to save time and to find relevant files efficiently. All you need to do is to launch this application on your desktop to do the following.

  • Find documents, emails, files, folders, applications, etc
  • Find definitions, meaning, implications, etc
  • You can also search for reminders and activities set on your calendar with this default app
  • Check browser history and bookmarks
  • Easily convert measurements and currencies
  • Use it as a calculator
  • Check weather and news updates at a glance
  1. Avoid using Dock

Dock is a default feature that takes up a lot of space on your desktop screen. It might be useful for some users, but professionals often hide it to use the extra space for convenience. Remove Dock from being a default feature as you can use Spotlight for such purposes.

Visit the Dock settings and choose the ‘Automatically hide and show the Dock’ option according to your need. You can move your cursor to the extreme left of your screen to make Dock appear with all its features. 

  1. Use Snipping Tool

One of the best ways to communicate with your friends, peers, and colleagues is to take a screenshot, mark the queries, and share. It has become part and parcel of personal and professional life. However, Mac users find it difficult to snip a screenshot as the feature is embedded deeper into the system. 

Check how to efficiently use a Macbook snipping tool and use it to create images, record a particular portion of the screen, or the entire screen according to your need. Learn how to manage screenshots as per your requirement and make them more productive.

  1. Stop desktop dumping

Most of the time, busy users find the shortest way to store a file is by leaving it on the desktop. However, it clutters the beautiful desktop estate and also confuses you to find a file quickly. How can you overcome this situation without wasting your time finding files, folders, applications, etc? Use Stacks to organize all your files, applications, folders, images, etc, according to their uses.

Click on a blank portion of your desktop and open View. When you select Stacks, your folders and files automatically get piled and grouped categorically. Your desktop will get de-cluttered in no time. It will take a short period to find the folders and files for a while, but you will get accustomed to it.

  1. Shortcut customization

MacOS has excellent shortcut key combinations to use and launch specific applications or perform operations. For instance, you can press Command + Space to launch Spotlight without looking for it. 

You will be surprised to know that some of the key combinations can be changed according to your need. Visit the Apple Menu, choose System Preferences and then select Keyboard. In this section, you will discover an option named Shortcuts. Here, a few of the displayed keyboard combinations can be customized according to your requirements. If you want to change them back, choose the Restore Defaults option.

  1. Use speech recognition for typing

If you have to write piles of words and prepare documents every day, use the default speech recognition feature to easily type words on a document. There is no need to pain your fingers by typing thousands of words when you can easily dictate them. The speech recognition software of MacOS is pretty neat.

Open System Preferences in Apple Menu, visit Keyboard and Dictation. When you turn this feature on, you can launch a microphone icon by pressing Fn key two times. You can also launch it by selecting Edit and Start Dictation. When you are done voice typing, click the Done option below the microphone.

Final words

These are the 6 best ways to use your Mac more efficiently. Follow these expert tips and make your daily work more convenient and easy to accomplish. Utilize these brilliant features of Mac and enjoy the convenience.