Top 10 Destinations wedding Places around the World

Destination Wedding

Wedding one of the most important ceremonies for each and every person, in fact, it will be the most memorable event on throughout their life. Though wedding traditions or customs get differs among cultures or regions, wedding venues play a vital role in adding elegance to your wedding event. Consider about having a destination wedding that can be a unique style of getting married in this modern era.

What is a destination wedding?

In simple wordings, it is a wedding venue set away from your hometown or home country, where one can witness the luxurious atmosphere to enjoy the event along with friends and family members.   In most case, the couples at the same venue will celebrate their honeymoon.

For those who want to gain some knowledge about the world’s top destination wedding places, here the list of top places where one can enjoy the moment of their wedding with fun.

Top 10 Destination Wedding Places

  1. The Hawaiian Islands in the United States of America

Hawaiian Islands

The region well known for its pristine beaches surrounded by high rise cliffs is the most recommended place for conducting a marriage. Any of the Hawaiian Islands is something that the newlyweds can go off to continue enjoying their newly found and sealed love. The region also has very relaxed marriage rules. The Royal Lahaina Resort is the most recommended place for such an event.

  1. The Treasure beaches of Jamaica

Treasure beaches of Jamaica

There is the beach with white sand or the towering mountainside to select as the locale for the marriage in this place. Marriage at the island requires the couple to have been staying on the island 24 hours for a minimum. Documents required are minimal like a birth certificate and passport. Music and the general feeling of gaiety that the place is well known for adds to the flavor of the happy ceremony of marriage. Negril and Treasure beaches are the most recommended locations for this event.

  1. Gauteng in South Africa

Gauteng in South Africa

Well known for its game reserves and savannah countryside, South Africa is turning into an interesting destination for exclusive marriage events. Relatively easy marriage laws, as well as the settings available to give that touch of the exotic to the ceremony, making it a recommended place. Interested people would find a variety of options for wedding venues at the Gauteng area of Muldersdrift and Magaliesberg.

  1. Costa Rica and its Ylang Ylang beach resort

Costa Rica and its Ylang Ylang beach resort

The region has some famous spots like the rain forest or the volcano locales. Newlyweds with a common enthusiasm for nature and its beauty would sure find all options available for their wedding at Costa Rica.  People here are also known for their craze to dance and enjoy a good time. The YlangYlang beach resort on the Montezuma beach is just the perfect location for a Costa Rican marriage event.

  1. Seychelles and its Praslin Island resorts

Seychelles and its Praslin Island resorts

The beaches that abound Seychelles are just the perfect locale for the conduct of marriage ceremonies of exclusive nature. The boulder formed from granite that lies on the beaches adds to its picturesque setting. The hilltops are the other option that interested couples could go for. Located on the Praslin island the Raffles Praslin resort is the best place to go for this event.

  1. Bermuda and its Astwood Park.

Bermuda and its Astwood Park

Once again the beaches in this region offer the perfect setting for a grand wedding event. The limited guests being invited and attending the wedding could also thereafter indulge in various other fun activities that the beach resorts have to offer. Fun and frolic are the theme ideas of the places here and this adds to the happy effect that a marriage ceremony signifies. The AstwoodCove and Park located on the southern part of Bermuda are best suited for conducting such an event.

  1. Viva la Mexico and Cancun

Viva la Mexico and Cancun

The beaches here in Mexico have a distinct difference from others and that being the budget cost to conduct the marriage. Having all the amenities and glitz that couples would find in any other similar location, the cost here is much lower. The color of the sea on the beaches in this region also adds to the beauty. Cancun in Mexico is the most favored location for marriages.

  1. The Amalfi Drive in Italy

The Amalfi Drive in Italy

Are you a lover of scenic stretches? Then the Italian coastline Amalfi drive would be the perfect choice for your destination wedding. The natural sceneries in Amalfi drive are truly unimaginable, you can witness the winding cliffs and perfect sea view from your wedding spot. In addition to that, the Amalfi drive consists of the world’s best Italian cuisine. Walking through the narrow streets of the Naples old space quarter will give you the most memorable event to remember lifelong. Visiting Amalfi Drive between the September to October month will be the best and planning your wedding in between those months would result much better.

  1. Tahiti Island in French Polynesia

Tahiti Island in French Polynesia

Have you heard about the Island Tahiti from French Polynesia cited in the South Pacific region? Well, if you viewed it from areal it will perfectly look in the structure of number 8. It is one of the most vacation destination spots for worldwide travelers. The entire Island is covered with black-sand beaches, lagoons, waterfall in-between the volcanoes. The most interesting fact about Tahiti Island is you can always witness crowd-free beaches which will be a great place to conduct your destination wedding. The perfect timing to visit the Island is from the month of May to October, where evenings will be always cool and have a dry season.

  1. French Riviera in France

Zasil Studio Wedding Photography

French Riviera cited in the Mediterranean coast of southeast France contains few of world best modern resorts. To be frank, it is the most preferred vacation destination right from the 19th century by travelers all over the world. The 115 km of stretched coastline would be the perfect destination for your wedding and for nearly 310 to 330 days you can witness bright sunshine throughout the city. The eye-grabbing lush forests, breathtaking cliffs, sparkling blue water along with colorful flowers would make your wedding the most memorable event.

Bottom Line:

If you are strong about having a destination wedding, consider the above-mentioned places which will be the eventful and ideal place for having a memorable wedding. Having a brief knowledge about the wedding destinations places will be handy.

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