Top 7 Mailinator Alternatives To Get Temporary Email Id

Mailinator Alternatives

People registering while visiting various online websites have to use their email ids. Yet, after using their primary email id, the inbox and spam get filled with unwanted messages. People use Mailinator website to create temporary email id to register online to other secondary sites. However, there are many Mailinator Alternatives offering similar kinds of services, which Mailinator does.

What is Mailinator?

Mailnator is an email system, that enables you to send your emails millions of inboxes all around the world. Besides, it also acts as an amazing email testing tool for the developers to test their product’s support mail configuration. Often, service providers and retailers block the Mailinator website causing registration rejection issues. To resolve this, use any of Mailinator Alternatives discussed below.

Top 7 Mailinator Alternatives

1. Guerrilla Mail

It is one of the best Mailinator Alternatives, does not need any sign-up or password. Users receive a random email ID that can be edited according to the best fit. Users can choose from eleven domain addresses including shark lasers. Thus, users’ domains never blocked by any website. Although the email id does expire, messages get automatically deleted after one hour.

This is because anyone having your email id can access your inbox. The interface of Guerrilla Mail is slightly different. In case you require how to operate the website, press on the “WTF?” button on the screen.

2. 10 Minute Mail

It is a simple, easy-to-use, and most straightforward free service for temporary email ids. Users get dynamically generated random email address lasting for only 10 minutes. Those 10 minutes can be extended for another 10 minutes by refreshing the page. Users can keep track of 10 minutes by checking the countdown timer on the PC screen. The 10-minute time limitation does not work for subscription services.

This Mailinator Alternative works best free trials, insurance, and websites sending instant verification emails. The negative aspect of the 10 Minute Mail is that users cannot set their custom email id. Users have to refresh the page on their PC every 10 minutes. Otherwise, their email addresses along with their messages are lost forever.

3. Fake Mail Generator

Just like the name “Fake Mail Generator” suggests, the website provides users with a fake email id. This disposal email service website markets for enjoying free Netflix trials forever. Additionally, users can use their temporary email ids and associated inbox for sending and receiving messages.

Many websites send confirmation emails. Users can choose from ten domains to suit their needs. Users can opt to create their email id. Otherwise, this website randomly generates email addresses for users.

4. Nada

Nada, previously called “Getairmail”, is another temporary email service that is easy-to-use. It provides users with the Google Chrome plug-in. Although Nada has multiple domains, it assigns every user only one address and a domain. On visiting the Nada website, users find their current temporary email addresses all ready to use. This very first email id for every user is generated randomly.

Users can add more inboxes for making more than one customized email addresses. They need to keep the session open to monitor their inbox. Only after completing work, users have to shut it down. After 7 days, although the messages in the mailbox are deleted, the mailbox remains intact. A month before shutting down the domain, Nada notifies its users.

5. Disposable

Disposable website’s email ids work well for signing up on highly secured websites. It has a simple user interface with a plain white screen and a small box for generating email ids. Users can create several temporary addresses using own name or accepting random addresses from auto-generation command. In all cases, users have to use the mandatory domain – @dispostable.

Also, users are provided with an inbox for receiving an email. However, users need to confirm “I’m not a robot” capture for viewing messages. Users can visit the home page to access their recent inboxes list. They can delete messages manually. Otherwise, the website automatically deletes unread messages after two days and read messages after 2 months.

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6. MintEmail

MintEmail is another simple email address generator. On visiting the website, users get a new email address that they can copy and use. Otherwise, users can create their customized email id. Mostly, the present email id found at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Meanwhile, the option for creating customize email_id is right below it.

Users receive messages in the center inbox for verifying or ignoring. MintEmial instantly informs users as soon as there is any new message. Users can also add the bookmark option to their bookmark section.

7. TemprEmail

TemprEmail allows users to create temporary email ids without signing up. Users need to type in their desired username or use randomly generated email addresses. Following, they have to select any from over twenty domain names.

Ultimately, users need to login to start using their inboxes. Users can log in to check email messages as long as they remember the email id. Email messages sent to the temporary email id are available for a maximum of 30 days. This Mailinator Alternative supports seven different languages.

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