How to buy proxies?


Many users, developers, and marketers use already proxies in their projects, but not many are aware of how to actually make the most of them and use them profitably. That’s what we will cover in this article. From an introduction for novices to how to buy proxy services and the things for which you should look. So let’s start with a fundamental question.


Where to buy proxies?

It doesn’t matter what you look for, be it public, private proxies, or HTTP/S ones, all of them are intangible, virtual items. And with the multitude of providers today, looking to buy proxies can be a daunting task for many.

However, like most things online, you should start to look for proxies on Google. But do not buy from the first provider you find. Look for features and try to understand how good the service and reputation that the provider has.

Another place to buy proxies are marketing forums, such as BlackHatWorld, where you can find a section dedicated to private proxy providers.

So, as you can see, merely answering where to buy them, won’t get you a simple answer. But, once you found several providers, you need to shortlist them by only looking if they have proxies working for your project.

Why are you buying proxies?


This second question needs some reflection on your projects and what you are trying to achieve. And you shouldn’t buy proxies just for the sake of buying them for your project. Buy them because your project needs them. Otherwise, they won’t be a tool for you, but an unnecessary expense.

Let me give you some examples. Some developers buy proxies because they need anonymity. For this purpose, they should always look into buying shared private proxies. These are private proxies whose usage is split between several users (hence, his use is mixed with others). And if anonymity and privacy are the main goals of getting proxies, our user should never look into public proxies. They are never safe and we never know who manages the server and why.

Types of proxies for sale?

There are two types of proxies HTTP/S and SOCKS5. The protocol (standard) is meaningful only if you do not use your proxies with a browser or to connect via HTTP/S connections.

For example, for gaming, you will require SOCKS proxies. This is why, before buying proxies, make sure you know what type of proxies are supported by your app/script/software.

But, as a rule of thumb, if you need your proxies to connect to websites and web servers, your app uses the HTTP/S protocol. So, you should buy HTTP proxies – most providers sell this type of proxies. So you will find them more accessible than SOCKS ones.

How many proxies should I buy?

This answer depends on how intensively you will use your proxies. Or if you need to use your proxies for connecting accounts to web platforms.

For example, if you buy proxies for SEO, you should get as many IPs as possible. The cheaper you get them the better because you can buy more IPs. However, if you need your proxies for social media, then you should buy one IP for each account. That’s why, for social media, you shouldn’t look for cheap shared proxies, but premium ones.

Does my proxies price matter?

Half of the answer to this question was provided above.

The price of your proxies only matters if you need to get many IPs in bulk. Then the more IPs and the cheaper you get them, the better. On the other hand, if you need to get premium IPs with clean history to protect your (let’s say) social media accounts, then you shouldn’t consider cheap IPs.

As a rule of thumb, the price is essential when the IP’s history isn’t. And vice versa, you shouldn’t consider the cost of your proxies when you need to login accounts and your IP needs to be clean.

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