Holiday Destinations 2020: Top 15 Places To Travel In The New Year

Holiday Destinations 2020 - Top 15 Places To Travel

As the entire world is waiting for the upcoming New Year 2020, almost every person on the planet has their own plan and resolution for the New Year. If you are a traveler then surely you might have some list of places to visit in 2020. To be frank, there are so many hot holiday destinations 2020 that are there. All you need to do is, pick a suitable place that suits well for your budget and plan accordingly.

Travel Destinations In 2020

Plan the upcoming New Year 2020 with awesome places as your holiday destinations. It doesn’t matter whether you are willing to travel along with your family members or work colleges or with your friends when it comes to holiday travel it will be always fun and exciting.

Here in this article, we have listed all those top 15 holiday destinations, where you can plan holiday travel in 2020 New Year.

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List of Best 15 Best Places to Visit In New Year 2020

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is the first in the list of Holiday destinations 2020, opted for a lot of reasons. A whopping two million people gathered on Copacabana 2.5 miles long to samba, Champagne, and fireworks on new year’s eve- to find the best place. So if you want to party in classic Rio style, head to Rio De Janeiro to enjoy the myriad of concerts, shows, and events.

2. Hong Kong, Japan

The fireworks display is at Victoria Harbor, where it’s combined with music, and laser show and choreographed lights to create a unique audiovisual treat. Head  Hong Kong this new year where you’ll be treated to a little extra from live circus performers and dancers.

3. Goa, India 

New Year’s Eve is the best time of year to party in Goa, with a fireworks spectacular beach, the dazzling and sensational crowd brings Goa to the best holiday destinations 2020. You have an array of bright celebrations like the psychedelic hilltop. With fireworks welcoming the new year on the beach, Goa most happening place to celebrate the New Year.

4. Koh Phangan, Thailand

There are parties on the beaches of Thailand’s islands all year round, but the wildest of them all is new year’s eve on Koh Phangan, home to the world’s most famous full-moon party.

5. Barcelona, Spain

One of the most popular European destinations for a city break, Barcelona is marked with an amazing diversity of architecture. Barcelona is a city of a night owl, thousands gathered to throw a bottle of Cava them to the middle of the square. If that sounds a little scary, head instead to the most popular club bashes.

6. Hogmanay in Edinburgh Scotland

If you are interested in celebrating the new year with different,  join Edinburgh’s Hogmanay festival, the biggest New Year’s celebrations in the world. You can enjoy the 3 full-day event that includes a torchlight procession, concerts, family events, massive street parties, traditional dancing, fireworks, and more

7. Cape Town, South Africa

Are you looking for a place with delicious food and a view of the celebration, check Maresol, which specializes in Portuguese cuisine. Located in Africa, Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world for holiday destination 2020,  The fireworks of New Year’s eve makes it all the more spectacular in which there is everything you might need in one handy place.

8. Tokyo, Japan

Japanese capital began to celebrate on December 29 New Year celebration here continues until January 4th. The town offers up plenty of fireworks displays, dancing, and all you can sing karaoke! If one night of partying is not enough for you, head to Tokyo.

9. Orlando, Florida

If you’re looking for a holiday destination for the new year, Amsterdam is your place; of parties in nightclubs for champagne, there is a way to celebrate for all ages. Walk, bike or enjoy a boat through the town to see these lights are spectacular.

10. Dubai, UAE

Every year Dubai turns into one big party zone during the New Year’s Eve! Fireworks in the shape of the palm can only be found in The Palm Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa is another the place to be if you want to party hard and see the fireworks display like never before. Are dancing, dinner, and live music a bit, Dubai has plenty of options to keep you busy on the eve of the new year.

11. Paris, France

Parties and fireworks for dinner and cruise ships, the most romantic city in the world has a ton to offer on New Year’s Eve. Party in the heart of Paris, you will probably be near the Avenue des Champs-Elysées will be full of people for this event. So Paris offers the widest range of New Year’s Eve.

12. Amsterdam

For Entertainment, events, activities and specials at local businesses and organizations, Amsterdam is the best city to ring in the New Year. And Amsterdam Light Festival is in full swing until the end of January. Make plan well ahead as this is a popular holiday destination for revelers.

13. Andamans, India

Want to celebrate New Years with a different style? Andaman will be one among your unique & favorite Holiday Destinations 2020 in the world. The uniqueness of New Year Eve in Andaman will sink the bewitching beauty of the islands. Also, it reflect the year gone by and delivers the New Year with new hopes and dreams.

14. Las Vegas, Nevada

This city that parties every night of the year certainly knows how to throw New Year’s Eve bash to remember. Las Vegas Strip is high at a party vibe and metamorphosed into a giant street party with a lot of laser show, live band and pyrotechnic displays.

15. Moscow, Russia

Moscow presents one of the most visually appealing arrangements for New Year’s Eve fireworks. Planned to celebrate in a great style with a Russian flair then the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow may be for you.

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Holiday Destinations 2020 - Top 15 Places To Travel
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