E-Mail Tracking – Here Is How You Can Stop It?

In this digital era, safeguarding privacy is the biggest thing for people. Since, people are dealing everything in online; they used to store their vital documents, plastic money details in online. Especially, on their E-Mail, which they considered as safe but it is wrong. With simple E-Mail Tracking Program, your privacy can expose in virtual world.

What is E-Mail Tracking?

In simple wordings, E-Mail Tracking can elaborate as the program that used to track your mails. Information like how many times you open your mails, from where you open your mails, also what response mail you sent.

Now, let think about what will happen if you store vital information of yours on your E-Mails. However, you no need to worried, there are few features that you can make use to avoid E-Mail Tracking.

Moreover, your E-Mail platform itself offers an astonishing solution to track your emails and to avoid privacy invasion.

3 Ways to Stop Privacy Invasion On Your E-Mails

1. Aware about Pixel Tracking

To be frank, most of the tracking program prefers this pixel tracking method. In fact, several email marketing companies too handles this method.

In this method, emails will sent along with hidden image (One Pixel) at the end. If the recipient has default, open image option enabled that it will send open event log details to its server. Therefore, it is better to disable default image opening on your emails.

2. Image Blocking

Image blocking

Image blocking

Just like the above, it is the setting if it enabled it will require extra click to open the image placed on your mails. This will adds extra security to your privacy. In addition, you no need to worry about your private email picture exposed to viewers sitting next by you.

3. Use Extensions

Trocker Chrome Extension

Trocker Chrome Extension

Make use of the Pixelblock or Trocker extension. By using those extensions at your browsers, it will highlight the potential trackers embedded on your emails.

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