China Blames US for the Hong Kong protests

China blames the US for the Hong Kong protests

China blames the US for influencing the violent pro-democracy protests. This protest disturbed Hong Kong for two months. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying made a statement in which she said that China would never let any international forces take any kind of action within a semi-autonomous city.

Beijing has so far made many direct comments on the interference of the US in Hong Kong politics. Umbrellas and American flags were used by Protesters during the entire protest.

China blames the US for Recent Hong Kong Protests

Chinese state media has run various articles censuring the US for the chaos. As China Blames US for the protest of North Korea to has additionally leveled a few cases in the US. Be that as it may, neither one of the countries has given any proof to its charges. At the question and answer session, Hua just made reference to open gatherings between understood Hong Kong master majority rule government pioneers and US lawmakers.

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Hong Kong is connected to China, it is administered under a different political framework that takes into considers the right to speak freely and the principle of law. Protesters were thinking that the removal of the bill would undermine the city’s exceptional opportunities.

Action Taken By Hong Kong Authorities

To clear the protest, police were utilizing rubber bullets and tear gas, while dissidents pushed a flaring cart at police.

Director of the China Power Project Bonnie Glaser has made a statement in which she said that China already knew that the US was involved in that protest. But there is no proof that can support this statement.

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The specialists state they have captured 12 individuals over the assault, incorporating nine men with connections to groups of three. Experts strongly believe this fact enforced China Blames US. Further investigations will let us know the truth regarding the involvement of the US in the protest.

Bottom Line

The Chinese may have some major issues in their association with Hong Kong and with how the general population of Hong Kong sees the terrain.

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