Apple’s iPhone 11R Redesign Revealed In a Stunning Leak

Apple’s iPhone 11R

Public share their opinion on any design of Apple’s iPhone 11R until there is universal agreement. Yet, at times, during the process, there might be a “stunning leak”.

Who caused the mysterious leak? 

In this case, there was either an accidental or an intentional dramatic double leak affecting Apple and Samsung. The mysterious leaker must have approached both Apple and Samsung Companies. The individual may have tipped or suggested benefits of the Company or the other. This person, probably a Telecoms expert, got a pre-production sample (before launching) to test on the networks.

How the dramatic leakage discovered?


The news story has revealed that the design was exposed to Samsung’s recent Galaxy Note 10+. The Ice Universe, the popular industry, discovered a mysterious leaker taking pictures with Apple’s iPhone 11R.  Apple’s new iPhone 11R is viewed as a reflection on Note 10+ display within a case. At the same time, Ice Universe described controversial looks of Apple’s iPhone 11R as a slate dip.

Features of Apple’s iPhone 11R:

  • Camera:

The square camera of iPhone 11R is similar to Huawei’s Mate range Smartphone and Google’s Pixel 4 Smartphone. The square camera seen centered and not present to the side. However, the lens of the camera arranged differently for every different Smartphone model.

  • Looks:

All the three new iPhones square camera bulges look awesome. However, the picture on the iPhone 11R is unattractive. The isolated dual-camera housed within the large-sized iPhone 11R makes it look cumbersome and ridiculous.

  • Advanced Features:

Apple’s new generation of iPhone would provide customers with several new features. These include 120 Hz displays, camera upgrades, and use of USB-C and 5G for all models. Also, Touch ID in the upcoming flagship model of iPhone is a surprise return. These advanced technologies would be incorporated as Apple’s 2020 iPhone reinvention.

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