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You’ve probably never heard of these genius airport hacks

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You can make sure you’re ready for those long summer trips with some helpful essentials from Amazon. (Source: iStock)

Aren’t you tired of being stuck at home? There are only so many streaming binges in us before we get sick of our homebody ways. Luckily, there is still time this summer to go on vacation to our favorite destinations all over the world.

More than half of Americans said they’re planning a summer vacation. With all those big travel plans awaiting us, we’re going to need some reliable traveling gear to get us through those long flights and drives.

Thankfully, we’ve found some traveling essentials that’ll help make those trips a little easier.

Bye-Bye restless leg syndrome

A pair of black compression socks.

No more discomfort waiting at the airport, thanks to these sleek socks. (Source: Amazon)

$14.98-$29.98 at Amazon

The BAMS Plus Size Compression Socks will have your legs prepared for any long-term travel These socks provide gradient pressure starting at your ankle and moving up your leg to get your blood flowing at its maximum. The stretchy and strong bamboo fibers make these socks easy to put on and take off. These socks are super soft and wick sweat away, so your legs will stay both fresh and dry all day long, no matter how far you’re traveling. They employ the strength of copper to help maintain their compression and fabric quality no matter how many times you wash them. In addition, these articles are double stitched to protect against tears, holes and any other potential damage.

You can grab a pair of the BAMS Plus Size Compression Socks, starting at just under $15 on Amazon. You won’t beat this deal for something that will both keep you comfortable and help maintain your health! Follow the size guide to get the perfect pair to accompany you on your next trip.

Beat long flights and layovers with your favorite movie

Beat boredom at the airport with the help of this iPad case.

Beat boredom at the airport with the help of this iPad case.

$17.99 $24.99 at Amazon

Maybe you have an unbearably long layover between flights or you’re jetting off internationally, which, in that case, means 10+ hour flights sometimes. Whatever the case, this durable iPad case will protect your device while allowing you to set it up for landscape viewing of your favorite movie or TV show. And, yes, the plane sometimes offers movies of its own, but wouldn’t you rather binge your favorite show?

This case also features a built-in Apple Pencil slot that allows you to store your much-needed accessory conveniently. Available in a wide range of colors and designs, this product has a premium synthetic leather exterior and a dual-layer hard interior.

Keep it in a carry-on

This is a perfect carry-on bag for those short weekend trips. (Source: Amazon)

This is a perfect carry-on bag for those short weekend trips. (Source: Amazon)

$129.88 $145.00 at Amazon

What could save more time than cutting out the dreaded bag check from your to-do list? Although it can be tempting to bring checked baggage because of the looser item regulations, going through baggage claim is the last thing you want to do after a twelve-hour flight, assuming they haven’t lost your luggage. Fortunately, you can avoid the whole headache by keeping everything in your carry-on bags. Then you can walk off the plane and immediately into your vacation.

You can also simplify that process even further with luggage that’s been specifically designed for airplane travel. Samsonite has a bag that’s been measured to fit snugly under your seat, so you never have to worry about overpacking. Plus, it’s got a USB port and those slick rolling wheels for the long hauls between terminals.

Be prepared for noisy flights and passengers with headphone jacks

This handy little device allows you to watch some inflight entertainment without having to dig out those outdated, long headphone cords. (Source: Amazon)

This handy little device allows you to watch some inflight entertainment without having to dig out those outdated, long headphone cords. (Source: Amazon)

$54.99 at Amazon

If you think that wired headphones are the way to go, you have something in common with most airlines. Otherwise, you’ll be offered tons of in-flight entertainment that you can’t access because you don’t have a headphone connector. If you use AirPods or any other Bluetooth headphones, a wireless transmitter is a must. They plug into the audio jack and send the sound to you wirelessly, so you won’t be left annoyed by noisy row neighbors.

The best-selling AirFly Pro from Twelve South is a great choice for all your listening needs. It’s got a 16-hour battery life, a reach of 10 meters and can be plugged into everything from your airplane seat to your rental car stereo. It also comes pre-tested and has over 1500 five-star reviews. Get yours today for just under $55.

Be prepared for your long journey

With a little clever planning, you can still make those sweet summer memories no matter how hectic the traveling gets. A low-key flight or car ride can make or break your mood, so be sure to travel smart and gear up. Make sure you check out all these deals before you start packing for that big vacation.

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