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Who are Alex Choi and his net worth

Alex Choi is a YouTuber understood for his modified exotic cars and trucks and non-traditional preference for lorry modification.

As of September 2021, he has collected over 784,000 on Instagram and over 681,000 customers on YouTube.

Since October 2022, Alex Choi’s net worth has been approximately $1 Million.

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Early Life

Alex Choi was born in Seoul, Korea, on the 25th of October, 1999. However, he transferred to Los Angeles when he was young.

Many of his YouTube video clips happily present Los Angeles and the surrounding location of Beverly Hills.

Alex’s moms and dads picked to lead a lot more whole life, but he did reveal a very crucial truth about them when being spoken with by Daily Driven Exotics.

What does Alex Choi do for a living? He is an automobile influencer with a substantial complying on Instagram and YouTube. He gained importance after uploading car feat video clips on his social networks pages. Besides the automobile feat video clips, he shares photos of tailor-make unique automobiles, which have drawn the attention of many automobile racing lovers. He has a self-titled YouTube network produced in July 2017 with more than 860 thousand subscribers since composing. The web content designer shares vehicle stunt video clips, auto modification and reviews, and occasionally, other funny content, including vehicles.

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He presented himself on Youtube with a video clip titled “Fiat 500e DRIFT cars and truck construct.” Choi subsequently began publishing auto material to Instagram in Might 2016.

In March 2018, Choi submitted a video to his YouTube channel entitled, “Authorities took my car and sent me to prison!!!”. He claimed he was jailed after attending an unlawful feat show in Los Angeles where people were wounded.

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In September 2018, Choi narrowly missed out on a motorcyclist while attempting to execute a doughnut on Mulholland Highway. Uploaded video of the happening to YouTube, where the motorcycle neighbourhood criticized Choi.

His channel’s most checked-out video clip has over 10 million sights and is titled “Lamborghini Release Control Response Collection.” Emelia Hartford has additionally made an appearance on his network.

Since October 2022, Alex Choi’s net worth has been $1 Million.

Outstanding Lessons From Alex Choi

Since you recognize all about Alex Choi’s net worth as well as how he accomplished success; let’s have a look at a few of the lessons we can learn from him:

  1. The People Who Support You

The people that sustained you at the start of your occupation will certainly more than likely be the ones that remain to support you. Choi had had the love and assistance of his moms and dads because before his YouTube occupation started, he remained to have their help.

  1. Past Time

Discover a leisure activity that you enjoy and also see if there is a method you can monetize it. Choi started performing his stunts and making automobile adjustments because he liked it. Only through social networks could he make his wealth via these tasks.


Alex Choi has made most of his riches through his preferred YouTube channel.

Choi actually could collect his wide range swiftly on his network. Choi comes from a well-off household. That’s why he got the chance to reveal his wealth to individuals in the form of luxury autos.

He launched his YouTube channel and started releasing car-related content, which earned him a massive number of followers and also views.

Since October 2022, Alex Choi’s net worth has been roughly $1 Million.

Alex Choi has been passionate about unique cars from a young age. He decided to do vehicle feats when he moved to the USA. The influencer ventured right into social media and has always astounded many individuals with his cars and truck stunt video clips.

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