What To Consider When Choosing An International Shipping Service For India?

International shipping is a complicated process. When chosen wisely, you and your package might avoid getting in trouble. So if you are searching for a freight firm or cross-border shipping service provider for India, here are some quick considerations to help you find the best.

As far as imports to India is concerned, it accounts for $61.16 billion as of September 2021. India’s import by the USA for 2021 is estimated to be $4.62 billion. Reliable freight companies offer quick shipping to India with no hidden charges, along with door-to-door delivery, live tracking, and insurance services.

As per global stats, India is the second most populated country, with a population density of 417.8 per km. The total cargo handled by India was 1399.99 metric tonnes per annum in 2014, which reached 2562.85 metric tonnes per annum in 2022. By 2035, the government has planned to invest about US$ 82 billion in Indian port projects.

Below are a few essential factors to consider when choosing the best shipping company to transmit goods to India.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing Best International Freight Service

No Hidden Fee

When looking for an international shipping service provider for India, always ensure you are not charged additionally, even after making your final container payment. If so, it should be informed beforehand as some shipping companies charge additional fees such as insurance, tax payments, etc.

Service Fee Inclusion

When dealing with a carrier company, it is essential to learn everything about what’s included in their service fee and what is not. Shipping charges or service fees vary from company to company and parcel to parcel which you wish to export to India. It depends on many factors, such as weight, speed, and the number of items.

A good freight service provider will always explain its fee structure and ensure that your parcel or package is delivered to India on time. When an international carrier firm is not upfront about its pricing structure and provides varied options, it is advisable to look for other options.

Tracking Compatibility

When transmitting your goods to India, choosing a freight company with tracking compatibility is recommended. It means you can check your packages’ movement without consulting or talking to the shipping firm’s customer support again and again for updates.

An effective tracker will inform you when your package is picked up and when it is in transit or delivered. Without tracking, there’s no way to know where your parcel is, which will unnecessarily create worry and anxiety in you. So, always choose a shipping firm that provides a tracking system.

Turnaround Time

The most significant factor to consider when choosing an international logistic firm for shipping to India is the turnaround time or speed it provides to deliver your package. India is an extensive country with a population of 1,412,310,691 and a total area of 3,287,263 sq. km. The Indian coastline is 7,517 km long and retains 13 key ports and 200 minor ports. Cargo ships from Africa, Europe, America, and East Asia pass through the territorial waters of India.

As the Indian shipping industry is relatively huge, the Indian government has allotted $223.31 million to the Ministry of Shipping. Delivery service mode (air/ground), destination location, and origin are certain factors determining any freight firm’s speed and turnaround time when shipping to Indian ports. You must pay attention to this vital aspect when looking for a shipping firm with speedy delivery.

Payment Options

Yet another consideration you must pay attention to when looking for logistic firms is whether the company offers convenient payment options to ship to India. Whether it provides in-person or electronic (like PayPal) or a card payment option. A company offering a mix of all these payment options is ideal.

Customer Support

It would be best if you thought about consistent customer support when choosing a shipping firm for your package to deliver in India. Since from the USA to India is quite a long-distance journey, any carrier company needs to keep you updated with the progress.

Besides, in case of any query or question regarding shipping, a company with constant, 24/7 customer support is best to choose. Getting in touch with an expert will make the process of resolving queries smooth.


So, if you are on the hunt for the best international shipping company that transports goods to India, the points mentioned above can be your deciding factors. With this checklist, you will find the most reliable and trusted firm that delivers your package to India and ensures you benefit from the best deal and customer support.