Understanding How Hair Extensions Work

The hair extensions market is ever-expanding. Because of the diversity in color, texture, and length, one might be overwhelmed when choosing the best type for themselves. Some may even be indecisive on whether or not to get extensions hair.

If you want to learn more about the process and how it will affect your natural hair and style preferences, continue reading.

How Do Hair Extensions Work?

Hair extensions are artificial hairpieces that can be attached to your natural hair via glues or other types of adhesives. These attachments are temporary (lasting up to six weeks), and they don’t cause much damage because the weight is distributed among many strands.

According to reports, 76 percent of women wear hair extensions because it adds value to their look. It’s essential to find a good stylist who has experience applying for these extensions because the skill level makes all of the difference in how it appears. To learn more, keep reading on how hair extensions work.


  • The first step of the process is to take an impression of your natural hair, which captures its texture and volume. A few days later, they use this impression (or at least some type of marker) to create the extension, which will match your hair color and texture. It gives your professional stylist a better idea of how long it will be before you need another refill appointment.
  • Before applying the artificial hair to your locks, you should wash it to remove any dust, dirt, or lint that may be present.
  • Next, apply a little bit of adhesive (or other bonding agents) to both your natural hair and the artificial extension. Be sure to wait for at least a minute before you attach it.
  • Removing your extensions for hair is just as simple as putting them on. After washing and conditioning your hair, work from the bottom up, detaching each piece.
  • Once they’re all removed, cleanse or condition again to remove any leftover adhesive.

Maintaining Your Extensions

There are things you’ll need to keep in mind when it comes to maintenance. First and foremost, you should never submerge them into water (such as a pool or shower), as this will cause the bonding agent to loosen.

It’s also important not to sleep on your side or stomach with your extensions on because it could damage your follicles.

As previously stated, these types of extensions are temporary, which means you’ll need to return for additional sessions before it’s time to remove them altogether. A good rule of thumb is once every three months if you want to maintain their look and quality.

You must also be cautious with how you style your hair. For example, excessively using heat-styling tools (e.g., curling irons or blow dryers) could reduce its lifespan.

If your extensions are starting to look luscious and lustrous, that’s a good indication that it’s time for another reapplication.

Final Words

Hair extensions are a relatively simple way to drastically change your look without having to wait months in between sessions. The process is also straightforward, and there’s no need for manual labor or extensive training.