U.S. ambassador urges China to have talks with Dalai Lama after rare Tibet visit

U.S. ambassador urges China to have talks with Dalai Lama after rare Tibet visit

Terry Branstad, the U.S. ambassador to China, urged Beijing to engage in substantive dialogue with exiled Tibetan Buddhist leader, Dalai Lama, during a visit to the Himalayan region over the past week.

Terry Branstad also expressed concerns regarding the Chinese government’s interference in Tibetan Buddhists’ freedom to organize and practice their religion,” an embassy statement said.

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Branstad said that he is very positive after the trip and is fully convinced that China will try to resolve their dispute with the Tibetan monk, Dalai Lama. During his visit, he extensively discussed the issue with the Chinese government and is hoping for a positive outcome. Apart from this, he said, he also raised long-standing concerns about the lack of consistent access to the Tibetan Autonomous Region.

China tightly restricts access to Tibet for foreigners, especially journalists and diplomats. China’s permission to him came after the US early this year passed Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act of 2018 warning equal and reciprocal measures for those involved in formulating or enforcing such policies.

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