Turbosoft: A leading provider of wide-area networking solutions

Turbosoft is a privately held firm that specializes in enterprise connection solutions. The company was founded in 1988 in Sydney, Australia, and has seen consistent growth since then.

Turbosoft has the knowledge to discern both the demands of their customers and the capacity to produce high quality products and solutions proven throughout time as a leading developer of host connectivity software with thirty years of expertise.

For more than three decades, Turbosoft has been a trusted partner to businesses all around the world. Turbosoft – Emulation Software are chosen by organizations in some of the world’s most demanding industries, including healthcare, finance, telecommunications, and defense, because they know they can rely on them.

Their products include:

·       Comprehensive Terminal Emulation for Windows (TTWin 4).

The popularity of TTWin is due to its high quality, dependability, and ability to provide a wide range of emulations in a single solution.

·       HTML5 Web Based Terminal Emulator (TTerm Connect).

TTerm Connect may be installed with its own online client or integrated with your existing website and is centrally set and controlled. It requires no client-side installation and can be implemented with its own web client or integrated with your existing website.

·       Comprehensive Terminal Emulation for Linux (TTerm for Linux)

Turbosoft provides enterprise-grade terminal emulation to Linux, backed by quick, knowledgeable support.

·       Terminal Emulation for .NET Applications

With over 80 emulation options, there is something for everyone. TTerm for.NET provides the most comprehensive API for developing and sustaining terminal emulator apps.

The most widespread support

The Turbosoft product line was created with the greatest levels of compatibility in mind. TTWin and TTerm Connect provide emulation for over 80 terminals, including unique configurations and sub-models, making it simple and straightforward for anyone to work with the best in terminal emulation.

Highest degree of precision

Since 1988, Turbosoft has specialized on terminal emulation. We started just as the mainframe market was taking off, and in just a few decades, we have gone from the first IBM desktop pc to tap enabled, pocket-sized gadgets.

They have a great respect for the tools that helped to form the current computing world because of their long history, and this reverence influences their work today. The terminal’s accuracy and eye for detail guarantee that it acts similarly like the actual hardware, with accurate display and data processing for a better customer experience.

Dedicated solely to your success.

Turbosoft focuses solely on terminal emulation as a business. Their whole focus is on finding and refining clever solutions to the issues that firms with old hardware encounter. Your company, systems, and user experience are all given top importance, so you can expect nothing but the finest from the organization.

Designed for today’s workplace.

Turbosoft connects contemporary devices to legacy systems, bridging the gap between the past and the future of your company’s IT. They can supply full-featured local clients for Windows, Linux, and iPads, allowing everyone in your organization to view data using their preferred device.

Businesses that use handheld and tiny form factor devices like scanners can benefit from TTWinCE, which provides strong terminal access on Windows CE and Windows Mobile phones and tablets.

Expert assistance.

Choosing Turbosoft implies selecting a business that is familiar with your firm’s requirements. Your host system is an important aspect of your business operations; with our continuing maintenance program, you can ensure that mission-critical data is always accessible. It will provide you with timely, accurate help from a team that is always updating and improving goods.

Adaptable to your budget

The goal is to make terminal emulation a minimal and smooth component of your corporation, lowering both immediate and long-term costs. To that aim, Turbosoft offers a variety of cost-effective and flexible license and service options to suit businesses of all sizes and budgets.