Trump describes Mayor of London as ‘Twin of de Blasio, Except Shorter’

Trump describes Mayor of London as ‘Twin of de Blasio, Except Shorter’

President Trump has arrived in the U.K. as of Monday and is set to begin a weeklong stay which is ceremonial in nature. He blasted the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan who wrote in a critical post that he sees Trump as a global threat.

Before leaving from Washington on Sunday, the POTUS called Khan the twin of the New York City Liberal mayor Bill de Blasio, except shorter. Both mayors are critics of Trump, and where the mayor of NYC stands at 6’5, Khan stands at 5’6.

Khan has written that Trump does not belong to the same class as other US presidents, and prior to his visit, he even wrote a column which was called “It’s un-British to roll out the red carpet for Donald Trump.”

Khan noted Trump’s most provocative policies and equated them to the dictators of Europe from the 1930s and ’40s.

According to Khan, Trump is among the worst examples of impending global threats. He also noted that right-wing politics are already on the rise across the globe and are threatening the human rights and freedoms, and values that have been instrumental in liberal left-wing democratic societies for the better part of the century.

Trump was quoted by reporters saying that he does not think about Khan but compared him then to Mayor de Blasio, who has recently announced his presidential campaign for 2020. He called deBlasio the worst mayor of NYC yet, as quoted in the New York Post.

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He continued his attack on Khan on Monday and tweeted that he reminds him of a ‘very dumb and incompetent mayor of NYC’, and though he is a stone-cold loser.

In response to this, Khan’s office commented that these comments are immature insults and do not suit the POTUS. Sadiq represents the progressive values of London and Britain and has warned that Trump is an incorrigible encourager of the far-right political threat.

Trump tried to clear up the controversy by saying that he wouldn’t allow Khan to dull down his visit to London, where he is set to have an audience with the Queen and Prince Harry. This visit comes in the wake of the 75th anniversary of D-Day, which approaches as political turmoil wreaks havoc in Britain, as Prime Minister Theresa May steps down from her post on the coming Friday.

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