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Top Trending Apple Watch Bands for 2022

If you’re an Apple Watch wearer who wants to stand out from the crowd and make a statement, these top trending Apple Watch bands will help you do just that! Whether you’re looking for an ultra-luxe band to add some bling to your bijou or you want to buy bling Apple Watch bands that make a bold statement about the kind of person you are, there’s something on this list that will appeal to you, whether you’re a teenager or someone in their 60s.

Ceramic Apple Bands

Ceramic may be one of the best options for durability and looks. If you want your watch band to last, ceramic is where it’s at. The shiny quality of ceramic makes it perfect for both men and women looking to give their watch a more luxurious look, which means it could be one of your top choices in a matter of years.

Classic Metal Apple Bands

Metal bands come in various colors, including classic silver and rose gold, but the favorite design turns your 38 mm watch into a 42 mm version. The links are just small enough, so you won’t have any trouble slipping them on or off your wrist.

Double Chain Apple Watch Bracelet

Stunning in gold, these stunning double chain bracelets feature both a delicate weave and two big chains for a unique look. You can wear them alone or pair them with another bracelet. Whether you’re at an important business meeting or just hanging out with friends, you can count on your bling band to attract attention and spark conversation. After all, when you look good from head to toe, why wouldn’t people be interested? Available in sizes small through extra-large.

Rhinestone Apple Watch Bling Band

Imagine an Apple Watch band that sparkles; that’s what you get with a rhinestone band. Bling is back, and there’s no better way to make a statement than with a Rhinestone Bling Band. Bling Apple Watch bands are trendy and look expensive; best of all, they will make other people envious of your smartwatch.

Denim Apple Watch Band

This durable band comes in a dark indigo blue color, giving it that vintage denim look. Though it’s water-resistant and scratch-proof, it is still recommended to be removed when going through airport security.

The soft texture of the strap adds to its comfort factor, so you won’t even feel like wearing something on your wrist at all since durability is an essential factor in purchasing an Apple accessory.

Silicone and TPU Apple Watch Bands

When it comes to bang for your buck, there’s nothing that can compete with silicone and TPU Apple Watch bands. With a price point of just $15–$25 per band, it’s possible to afford multiple colors or even several different styles if you aren’t sure which one works best with your wardrobe. But don’t let their affordability fool you. These silicone and TPU bands are an excellent option for both work and play and offer a wide range of customization options.

In the End

If you want your next Apple Watch band to be one of a kind, you’re in luck: There are lots of great, blingy alternatives out there. From feather-studded leather bands to woven metal and platinum options, it’s hard to go wrong with something special and unique. These standouts will leave others eyeing your wrist in envy.

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