Top Features to Look for in a Construction Project Management Software

Construction project management has changed dramatically. Thanks to the software that has taken construction management to a whole new level by making it more manageable. These tools have helped increase productivity and efficiency.

Whether you are a project manager, a design engineer or a project architect or simply a team member you will be able to benefit from these programs. Nowadays, most contractors make use of some type of construction software that helps them do various tasks such as scheduling, estimating costs, designing or accounting.

While there are lots of tools that can help you manage your construction project, you must look for the best one available on the market. A practical construction project management software such as Jonas Premier offers tons of features.

Here are some of the features that you must look for while looking for a construction management tool:

Costing of Jobs

A tool for construction management helps you with job costing. It sets standard rates for the variety of construction services that your firm offers and establishes the cost for each employee. In addition, the software also manages timelines for a project, keeps track of time expenses, in addition to producing actionable information which helps to improve productivity.

Service Management

Managing and dispatching work orders, allocating assets and producing schedules are some other tasks that a construction project management software should perform. It also needs to help with book jobs, and administer manpower. If you are looking for more advanced tools you may get additional features such as dispatch with GPS that helps send out jobs to technicians.

Project Management

As a project manager or supervisor, there are so many tasks that one needs to attend to. However, these professionals cannot always pay attention to every detail. Planning resources, gathering and holding meetings with teams, tracking progress, and more, all these tasks can be very challenging. Thanks to a construction project management software that can help you perform all these tasks without any problem. These tools automate most of these jobs and look after many other tasks like managing resources, updating project schedules, keeping track of accounts etc.

Document Management

Construction project management software also helps you with documentation. It works as a central unit where all the vital information is stored and shared. You don’t need to use multiple software to create and store information since the best tools will take care of these tasks. They will allow you to improve contractor productivity, enhance project workflow processes, and also make sure the security of your documentation.

Inventory Management

Compared to most other businesses, the resources of a construction company are much more intricate. These include various resources such as transportation, equipment, technology, building materials and more. That is why good inventory management is more important for a construction project than any other. Thanks to construction project management software that works as a complete inventory management tool that removes write-offs, performs fast inventory audits, and does a lot many other tasks. It also helps you locate lost inventory quickly, track assets in addition to assisting managers to distribute equipment and resources effectively.


Reporting is an essential part of any project. A reliable construction management software provides you with complete control over your project. It allows you to have project data control, generate project analytics reports, summarize data, and create reports. This way you will be able to have accurate data reports, and also schedule automatic report delivery.


A construction project management software helps you with accounting. It allows you to manage expenditures and costs of a construction project. It is important that you keep a close eye on these and a good tool can help you do it efficiently. A reliable tool should also automate functions like payroll, accounts receivable, order entry and accounts payable. So when you look for a tool make sure it offers you a range of features that facilitate accounting.