Top 7 Carfax Alternatives To Check Vehicle History

Carfax Alternatives To Check Vehicle History

You have to do many research studies before purchasing any used vehicle from any individual. There are several online and mobile Apps available for the purpose. And those sites offering services similar to the Carfax commonly known as Carfax Alternatives. One such website is the Carfax that uses the unique 17 digits Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This information is generally found in the automobile and its documents.

After scanning, Carfax pulls out all information on vehicle starting from the time it was purchased. This detailed report from Carfax would cost you $39.99. You can opt to use other less expensive Carfax Alternatives discussed below.

List of Top 7 Carfax Alternatives

1. AutoCheck:

You can use AutoCheck App in Android and iOS devices. Use VIN or license plate number for generating the AutoCheck score for reliability of the vehicle. This information narrows the risk of purchasing the automobile, shows list of similar vehicles.

AutoCheck also provides you with a list of well-known websites for online purchase of cars. You pay $24.99 for a single report and $49.99 for fifteen vehicles for using AutoCheck. However, if you are not interested in detailed information, then you can avail free services. These include knowing automobiles’ model, engine, and country of origin.

2. Driving Tests:

Driving Tests is a free platform offering free state-wise DMV practice tests. These allow people to improve their chances of passing the driving test and receiving license. You can acquire vehicle’s information and reports using VIN at no cost. Driving Tests is one of the free Carfax Alternatives that is very simple and easy to use.

On visiting the website, you are prompted to add VIN that is used for searching information. These include vehicle’s 3D image, NHTSA’s official data, latest recalls and latest complaints. All the information is from the official government database. Yet, complaints are made by owners using the same vehicle and not for any specific vehicle.

3. is another free Carfax Alternative. It is associated with the National Insurance Crime Bureau. This protects automobile purchases from buying non-recovered stolen or salvaged vehicles. The source of information is from NMVTIS so you do not need to register. requires you to use VIN. You can check 5 searches/ 24 hours from the same IP address. You learn the vehicle’s specification, impounds and towing events, sale history, and theft check. offers a checklist guiding you to self-inspect the vehicle. You should check vehicle’s exterior, tires, brakes, steering, engine, suspension and more. Based on the report, determines its market value based on invoice and selling price of similar vehicle model.  Additionally, the website offers a list of best-selling cars in every category.


One can download from the App Store for iOS devices. You can also get free vehicle history reports after earning referral credits to other users. You should go through the sample report on the ensuring all necessary information is present.

One no need to register or create any account to avail the services of However, you have to pay $8.99 to search and to receive detailed report of automobile using its VIN. If fails to retrieve any data, then it fully refunds your money. The report comprises of vehicle’s title, its past owners, odometer records, flood damage and accident history. Also, the score purely based on the inspection of their professional and the report will be amend to the main report.

5. VINSmart:

VINSmart is another one of the Carfax Alternatives. You can use the website online or while on the go. The website allows you to search vehicle history using Android and iOS devices. You can download VINSmart from Google Play or Apple App Store.

The source of information is from National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS). The data gathered from vehicle agencies, insurance carriers, and salvage auctions. You have to pay $9.95 (1 report), $6.95/report (minimum 9 reports) and $5.95/report (over 9 reports). Reports priced at $5.95 provide you with recall alerts.

These include clean tile after in-depth scan, vehicle’s value, volume discounts, and credits that never expire. When you have plans of purchasing another car, you can get reports in volume with a discount.

6. instaVIN:

instaVIN is available online and as App for Android and iOS devices. You need perform VIN search and pay $2.99 for basic information. If you are interested in getting full history and title report, then you pay $6.99/vehicle. The source of information is from the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS).


The website is available online but, not as mobile App. It uses the data source from the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS). As a result, you will get proper protection from purchasing a non-received car, if it stolen or salvaged in future.

You need to visit website and search using the interested automobile’s VIN. You have to pay as low as $4.95/report for the detailed automobile’s history report.

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