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Running a business is hard work, especially when we now live in a world full of new technologies. We’re no longer putting adverts in newspapers, we’re using the World Wide Web to help show the world what our business is made of. Marketing your business has become customary, those who don’t tend to fall away and end up with poor sales. Not putting in the effort to show your business off can hit you hard, but there are small ways in which you can boost your page visibility without having to spend hours slaving away at the computer.

Social Media

If you’re not on it yourself then you most certainly know someone who is, social media networking sites are a great way to promote yourself without having to spend a single penny (unless of course you want to pay for targeted ads). The key to using social media to market yourself is to not oversell it, just making a status saying “we’re the best” isn’t going to entice people in. You want to share related news and articles in your sector to peak interest and throw in the odd self-promotion post every now and then. Also don’t forget to interact with customers, replying to comments and liking/sharing posts related to your business. You can use social media to build relationships with customers and potential business partners.

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Explainer Videos

Not many people are aware of these as they’re a lesser known way to market yourself, but they’re just as affective. These are videos that explain issues that your customers tend to face before needing your product. They then go on to explain how your product is the solution and the benefits to using it, ending with a call to action such as contact details. You can learn more about this kind of video by watching this fantastic explainer video explaining explainer videos! 

Blog Posts

Keeping your blog up to date shows that you’re not only passionate about your business but also about your customers. Blog posts can include posts about your business and news/updates about your business but they should also include articles and guides to help your customers with issues or questions about your businesses niche. For example if you’re a business that sells makeup you can write posts about beauty or perhaps the media’s interpretation of it. Have a look at large article sharing websites and see what kind of posts get the most interaction.

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There aren’t many people in the world who do not like competitions or free stuff, it’s in our nature as humans to get a good bargain and if it’s free it’s no effort. They’re a short fire way of getting your brand out there without having to spend a fortune. You can create competitions on social media and ask them to share or like the page to be in with a chance of winning. They work so well because they benefit both parties, you get your business shared and they could win a prize just by doing something as small as liking a page. The less effort they have to make, the better.


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