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Texting while walking: You soon will be fined for texting while crossing the streets in New York City

We all know how dangerous distracted driving could be, but what about distracted walking? Lawmakers in New York City want to make their streets a safer place to be, with a new bill that will levy fines on pedestrians that cross the street while texting.

A new bill proposing a fine for anyone caught texting while crossing the street in New York State has been introduced in the state legislature. Starting at $25 per ticket, repeat offenders could face a bill of up to $250 per fine.

The law would be simple enough, the bill States: “No pedestrian shall cross a roadway at any point while using any portable electronic device.”

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The proposed bill does make exceptions for people using their phones to communicate with an emergency response operator, a hospital, doctor, fire department or police officer.

The bill must be approved by the transportation committee in both the Assembly and the Senate before it can come to a full vote.

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Some say it’s not going to work, however drivers want the law passed.

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