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Taabir: A Vacation Away from the Summer Heat

The latest capsule collection from MOLEDRO is a vacation away from the summer heat. The collection, called Taabir, is inspired by the lush greens and luminous floral hues of a tropical summer. The idyllic landscapes against which Taabir unravels provide the perfect setting for the collection’s rich colors and movement.

The collection takes the wearer on a delightful retreat, immersed in a play of random moments of isolated pleasure, joy, or eccentricity. Flowy, vibrant, and draped silhouettes in silk satins, organzas, and ornate hand-embroidered bustiers take cues from the unbridled nature and the brand’s love for color.

The collection opens with a series of sarees in vibrant shades of green, blue, and orange. These sarees are made from luxurious silk satins and organzas, and they are adorned with intricate hand-embroidery. The embroidery features a variety of motifs, including flowers, birds, and animals.

The next section of the collection features coord sets. These sets are perfect for both day and evening wear. They are made from a variety of fabrics, including silk satins, cotton lawn, and chiffon. The coord sets are available in a variety of colors, including pastels, brights, and jewel tones.

The collection also features a number of stand-alone pieces, such as kaftans, lehengas, and kurtas. These pieces are perfect for any occasion, from a casual day out to a formal event.

The Taabir collection is a celebration of the beauty of summer. It is a collection that is full of color, movement, and joy. It is a collection that is sure to make you feel like you are on a vacation, even if you are just staying at home.

Here are some additional details about the collection:

  • The fabrics used in the collection are all natural and sustainable.
  • The embroidery is done by hand by skilled artisans.
  • The collection is designed to flatter all body types.
  • The collection is available in sizes XS-XXL.

The Taabir collection is a must-have for any woman who loves to express her individuality through fashion. It is a collection that is sure to turn heads and make you feel confident and beautiful.

The Modern Barbie

The Taabir collection is perfect for the modern Barbie. She is a woman who is confident, stylish, and independent. She is not afraid to express herself through her fashion choices. She is the kind of woman who turns heads wherever she goes.

The Taabir collection is full of pieces that the modern Barbie will love. The vibrant colors, the flowing silhouettes, and the intricate embroidery are all perfect for her style. She will look and feel her best in these pieces.

The Taabir collection is a celebration of the modern Barbie. It is a collection that is sure to make her feel confident and beautiful. It is a collection that she will love to wear for years to come.


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