Sharmen Greenaway wrote and published Perfect Travellers Guide to a Caribbean treasure.

A Travellers Guide to Montserrat Dialect: Montserrat English

Sharmen Greenaway is a Health Care Professional, best selling Author, Poet, Songwriter, and Entrepreneur Editor. She was born, raised educated and groomed in the British Dependent Territory of Montserrat. Sharmen continued her education in the United Kingdom, completing a Bachelor of Science Degree with honors at the University of North London now called The London Metropolitan University. She subsequently completed her Master’s Degree in Nursing at the City University of London. Sharmen has written 14 books to date and published 12.

London based popular Author Sharmen Greenaway is interviewed by Swapnil Mukherjee.

That’s Nice to meet you.

– Why you have chosen to write a book and become Author?

I started writing short poetry as a teenager at secondary school. I also enjoyed storytelling. I would write short stories and poetry all the time. I don’t seem to be able to stop writing. I just write for relaxation most times.

-Okay! That’s Great. Who inspired you to write such a wonderful piece of literary works? Any special person or legend as such?

There is a well-known historian and poet on the island of Montserrat called Sir Howard Fergus. He has always been my role model. He has written many books. I also admire the writings of Shakespeare and studied his works in English literature. was influenced by British Phonetician John C Wells.

-What is the first book that you have written?

So the first book I would like to mention is, ‘Montserrat In England Dynamics of Culture‘. Which I wrote in 2011.

– Okay! Can you tell us a bit about your first book?

The people of the island of Montserrat migrated to the UK after volcanic eruptions which started in 1995. There was a mass evacuation of most of the population. Foloowinfmajor eruptions of the volcano. The book gives insight into the plight of those folk. It covers their journey and includes challenges they faced with housing, careers, merging into a new culture and educational opportunities.

– Okay, that’s quite interesting. I would surely love to read that. How did you publish your first book? Many Author encounter problem regarding publishing their first book. Did you face any problem in the publishing process?

The book also reflects on the cultural interests left behind by those people. I was one of those people. I used a publishing company. It was costly but the problems were sorted.

– After publishing your first, how you felt? What kind of reaction did you get from your readers, friends, and family members?

I got great feedback and the book sold well among my country folk. I must confess I didn’t do much marketing as I was traveling and focused on other things.

– You have written 14 books to date and published 12, which one you consider as your favorite?

The last book that I published is my favorite. It is called, ‘A Travellers Guide to Montserrat Dialect‘. It took me 10 years to complete that book.

-Why this book is so special? Why every reader of yours are waiting for this book to read. Tell us something about this Book.

Here is a reader review that captures why it’s special: It captures the language of Montserrat’s Caribbean and African culture exquisitely and imaginatively in this journey through Montserrat Dialect also known as Montserrat English. This delightful book weaves its way through a potpourri of adaptation from English and some Gaelic/Irish all built on a melange of idioms routed in West African heritage of African-Caribbean Montserratians. This is the first time this language has ever been written into a book. It is not written in any dictionary so it’s actually virgin territory. It means I am like an expert It inventor.

A Travellers Guide to Montserrat Dialect: Montserrat

– I would surely read this book and would suggest every upcoming Author and bookworm must read this book. Do you want to give any message to your readers through this interview session?

Montserrat is one of those exotic locations where one can actually get up close to a volcano that erupted for almost 20 years. The ecology and topology of Montserrat have changed and is unique. The capital Plymouth is a ghost town and in some places, all you can see are rooftops as the town is mostly buried under piles and piles of volcanic ash. And I invite them to visit this exotic place. Happy reading enjoy the book and the treat in the last chapter as ‘ popular celebrations’ My best wishes to all the readers!


This particular book was influenced by John C Wells. He is a British phonetician and Esperantist.

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