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Shannon Bream’s

When we talk about the American news fraternity, then Shannon Bream is the most respected and well-known name. Shannon is an American journalist and works for Fox News channel. She is the anchor of America’s News Headquarters on Sundays at Eastern time between 12:00 and 2:00 pm as well as Supreme Court reporter at Fox News.

She also anchors the weekday’s news of America’s Election Headquarters at Eastern time between 2:00 and 3:00 pm. Rarely, she also serves the role of an anchor with Bret Baier as a reporter in Fox News Sunday.

Biography of Shannon Bream, her age and other details

Shannon is the daughter of Ed Deputy who was the Leon County Commissioner and Marie Norris who was the teacher. Her parents gave her birth name Shannon Noelle DePuy.

Her charm and beauty sometimes made people wonder about her age. Well, she was born in the year 1970 of December 23rd in Florida (Sanford), United States of America. This makes her 48 years old in the year 2018. However, her charm and well-balanced physique make her look much younger than her age.

Since her Childhood, Shannon always showed her interest in social issues and journalism as well as news broadcasting. Her inspiration and motivation to become the journalist came after watching beautiful news anchors and a female journalist. However, her parents never supported her as they were concerned journalism will not be an ideal career to pursue as it would not help her make ends meet. Though her story turned out pretty nicely, and she proved them wrong by becoming a star in her profession.

Shannon, in her hometown, Tallahassee (Florida), began her academic journey with elementary school. Later she moved to Tallahassee’s North Florida High School and graduated at the age of 17 in the year 1988.

When she moves to college, then she decided to be enrolled in a business program at the Liberty University of Lynchburg (Virginia). She successfully then graduated in the year 1992.

In the year 1990, when she was in the university, she also participated in the Miss Virginia beauty contest and to most people’s surprise won the title in the same year. Then she decided to take one step ahead and next year, which was the year 1991 she entered in Miss America contest. Unfortunately, she did not win the competition, but she managed to become the top 10 finalists in the pageant. Much of her education was taken care of by the scholarship award that she won.

In the year 1993, when she completed her studied from Liberty University, she went back to her hometown Tallahassee and enrolled herself in the law program at Florida State University.

While studying the law at Florida university, she again participated in Miss Florida pageant in the year 1995 and won the title. Still, she enrolled herself in Miss America contest in the same year and scored the fourth position.

In the year 1996, Shannon Bream graduated with a law degree from Florida State University and moved to Tampa (Florida). In Tampa, she started with her law career.

But somehow, she kept the flame of being a journalist alive, and even after initiating her career in law, she wanted to do something as a journalist or news reporter. After some time she finally left her law career and changed her profession to anchor in television news.

In the year 2001 Shannon moved to North Carolina (Charlotte), and in CBS affiliate WBTV she became evening and late-night news reporter.

She worked at WBTV for good three years and later moved to Washington D.C where she joined WRC-TV – NBC affiliate. Here she covered mostly general assignments and was placed as weekend anchor.

While she was working at WRC-TV, she met the managing director of the Fox News channel Brit Hume (Washington Bureau). At the same time, he encouraged her to submit the audition tapes to Fox News. Finally, in the year 2007, she joined the Fox News channel’s Washington D.C bureau.

Salary of Shannon Bream

Even though Shannon never studied journalism, she worked her way to excel in the field of journalism, becoming one of the best journalists in America.

Annually she earns $800,000, which makes her net worth $4 million according to a few online sources. She is one of the most prominent faces in journalism and the online news industry. She is always admired for her habit of going the extra mile, hard work, and persistence.

Husband of Shannon Bream

Sheldon Bream is the husband of Shannon Bream. They fell in love when they first met at Liberty college. Their love affair was for a short period as soon after graduation they got married.

Currently, the couple has no children as they are found to be more focussed on their professional careers and appear to be much in love with each other. Moreover, whether they want to extend their family or not seem more of a personal choice and at the moment they do not find the need for it.

At the Washington Speakers Bureau Shannon’s husband, Sheldon works. He is a very respectable and busy man. Keeping his professional life in mind due to which he always seems busy, he has done a great job in maintaining a work-life balance where he ever takes time for his wife and family. We think that this was the primary reason why their marriage is still thriving.

Shannon Bream Body Measurements and Height

With a properly balanced diet and intense workout, this TV icon has received a fantastic curvy figure. She stands at the height of 5 feet and 7 inches, which is perfectly matched with her slim body of measurements 38-26-37.

She weighs approximately 64 Kgs, and her height perfectly matches with her height. She embraces her hourglass figure and well-toned arms and legs, which leverage her to wear all types of outfits with complement.

Shannon Bream has blonde hair and green eyes.

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