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Second Former US Law Maker Found Shot to Death

Second Former US Law Maker Found Shot to Death
Written by Micah Stephenson

Two former American lawmakers have been found dead in their homes in the states of Oklahoma and Arkansas within the same week.

The State Republican Senator Linda Collins-Smith was found shot to death in her Randolph County home on Tuesday, in Arkansas. This is being investigated as a homicide case as reported by CNN affiliate, Kark. Sen. Linda was a Democrat representative who switched to the Republican Party after being elected to the State Senate in 2014. Last year, she lost her party’s primary in the midterm elections.

The GOP had tweeted that Collins-Smith was a passionate voice for her people, and a close member of the Republican Party. Governor of Arkansas, Asa Hutchinson was stunned by the death and also offered his condolences.

Meanwhile, in Oklahoma, the body of Senator Jonathan Nichols’ was also found at his home, 20 miles away from Oklahoma City, in Norman. He had been a senator from 2000 to 2012 and as per KFOR (CNN affiliate), worked at the University of Oklahoma. His death was confirmed by authorities on Thursday. He was also found shot to death after reports of gunfire were filed.

Senator Rob Standridge, Senator Nichols’ successor in District 15 expressed his condolences and said that he was a brilliant legal and political mind in Oklahoma and worked tirelessly to guide the state to new strides of success.

No additional details have emerged as of now, and connection between the deaths is not likely so far. Investigations are taking place in both states.

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